To save some money at the end of every month is ‘goals’. We all want to some money to tick the things off our bucket list, like a vacay to Maldives or Singapore maybe.  To keep some weight in your wallet is not a tough thing to do if you can change your certain habits. After all, we have all done it as kids. Remember those piggy banks heavy with coins that we all had at some point of time? It’s much easier than before, as most of us are paying off our own bills and we do not have to pray for guests or wait for festivals to fill our piggy banks.

Here are 5 ways to avoid financial cringe at the end of the month:-

1. Keeping track of the money spent and lent
It is highly important to keep track of the money we spend and lend. Most of the times, we only try to track our expenses when we have run out of cash and we have never been able to do the accurate calculations. Split the bills when you go out with friends. Also, we have apps to remind us of the money that we lend to our friends, so things are a lot easier now. 

2. Minimalism is trending

For a minimalist, less is more. If you have four good clothes to wear, the fifth one can wait. We must decide between the need and the greed before we go shopping, this will help us cut down a lot on our expenditures. Cutting down on eating outside very frequently can also prove helpful in saving some money.

3. Walking a mile won’t hurt, becoming penniless will.  

How about a walk to nearby places than taking a bus or an auto? Every penny matters when it comes to saving. Thinking that “it’s just 10 bucks”, we end up spending a thousand rupees or even more without counting. Walking hence is a healthy and a wealthy option!

4.   Do you supervise over your Digital Money?

Digital money spent hurts less and hence is more susceptible to be squandered than the hard cash in hand. Online Wallets should only be used in case of emergencies lest there’s a cashback!

5. How about setting up a limit for your expenditure?

Setting up a limit over your expenditures can help you wonderfully. Monitor your needs and expenses for the whole month. On the basis of the average expense, set up your limit for the first fifteen days of the month, where you’d be spending less as compared to the latter of the month. Make it a practice.

Month end is strenuous time to survive without money. So, it’s always better to save initially and give yourself a nice treat at the end of the month. So, next time when you think about buying that cute dress or eating one cheesy pizza, resist yourself by thinking about the last time you were penniless.


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