Money Matters!

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Living in a new place and supporting yourself financially is hard enough as it is. Life can become truly miserable if money slips out of your hand like sand and you always end up lifting your hands in exasperation with an ‘I am broke.’ Financial intelligence is something that comes to everyone after a lot of moneyless spells.

Different modules work for different people as everyone does not spend in a similar fashion. But there are still some cardinal rules that can go a long away in helping you manage your finances

• Always keep accounts: This is not to suggest that keeping accounts will help you save money or spend it cleverly.

This is like saying keeping a diary helps one lead a better life. Well managed accounts only make you more self aware in terms of your expenditure.

When you have a grasp of how and where you spent your money it keeps everything sorted in your head and you are always conscious of exactly how much money you did and did not use judiciously.

• The 25 percent rule: Try and follow the 25 percent rule. Every month when you get your salary, take 25 percent out of it and put it in a piggy bank you can’t open, and then treat the money you have as your total salary.

There are also schemes in a few banks that allow the same facility and reserve some amount of your salary as soon as it is deposited.

• Learn to say no: There are a lot of places that one doesn’t actually enjoy but goes to only due to peer pressure.

It’s okay to say no and choose where you spend your money. It will be awkward in the beginning but your close friends would and should understand.

• Practice Minimalism: Shopaholics are masters of botched up finances. Every time you go out to buy something ask yourself if you really need it.

Also make seven, ten or fifteen thing rule for your cupboard and do not allow yourself to stuff your cupboard with more things than you need. If Mark Zuckerberg can do it well so can you.

Residential spaces also create a lot of random expenditure including house repairs, house-keeping and furnishing.

In a Coho house with all these things taken care of you can actually work with the money you have in hand without paying for any miscellaneous requirements. So, find broker-free apartments in Delhi, Gurgaon or Noida only at


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One thought on “Money Matters!

  1. I can so relate this article and my group…We always spend 75% of my money in the first 10 days and then spend the rest 25% in the other 20 days…This will be so helpful for me as may be I will be more sensible in spending my money..

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