Missed Delhi University Hostel ? CoHo Dorms saves the day

The first most difficult thing is getting into your favorite university. Once you make your way through the path – getting a place for yourself in the hostel is just another pain. Getting a hostel into any university is exactly as hard as getting into clearing an entrance. The decision to stay at home is always simple – but as hard as it gets to move out. The decision and motivation to fend for yourself, leaving the comfort of the home and relocate yourself to a new place is always an ordeal. For the very first time, there is something very humbling about being and staying in a hostel. However, the thoughts do last – but only for a while.


Advantages of College Hostel :

  • College hostel provides an opportunity to socialise and meet new people.
  • It offers plenty of opportunities to strike up a friendship and cherish for lifetime.
  • Many colleges provide a range of co-curricular opportunities such as musicals and sporting teams which can be participated onto with convenience.
  • Another huge benefit of college hostel is proximity to your campus making it save few extra bucks on petrol.

Disadvantages of College Hostel :

  • College hostel can be expensive with not all the facilities you might be looking forward for.
  • There’s no freedom as you will have to abide by a set of rules including the strict timings for going out, noise levels, overnight guests, as well as your use of shared facilities and equipment.
  • Some students social opportunities is distracting and some miss their privacy as much they look forward for.
  • You need to pay extra for meals, tutoring and internet access.
  • You might find it lacking in social opportunities and activities that would interest it.
  • You are required to share facilities with a large number of people (sometimes 50 or more)

What if you have missed you dates for registering at the Delhi University Hostel? Well, Don’t Worry – CoHo Dorms saves the day !

CoHo has become a commonplace who has emerged with the concept of collaboration over competition. With a motto – Live together, Share together and Grow together that is beyond likable in the college days.

CoHo offers dorms which have become a part of vibrant community – especially something that offers a mission to change the way people live together and pioneer a revolution in urban living. It perfectly suits your purpose right! A thoughtfully designed dorm that offers unique rentals to improve the lives of the young professionals, entrepreneurs, start up founders and designers.

What CoHo Dorms offer ?

  • These dorms are hassle free accomodation that does not compromise between price, quality and community.
  • These dorms provides fully-furnished spaces with experience that is hotel-style, extraordinary amenities, and community engagement opportunities. It’s just the best of best one could seek for.
  • It provides a limelight concept of ‘worry free housing’ that allows you to gain more time and save out time for yourself. It gives you time  to focus on what is important; and create a balance between work and fun.
  • The community at CoHo dorm is curated with thorough interactions; specifically with the engaging network, time-saving services and beautiful looks that were customised suiting the needs of our lifestyle.
  • CoHo is a modern housing complex that offers world class amenities offering accommodation at affordable prices in North Campus.  
  • Coho is not all about living but also luxurious and beautiful living which has maintained the basic standard of lifestyle from the very beginning.



  • CoHo is a safe society, and all very close to the metro station.
  • House rules can help participants get the most out of their experience, as there is a sense of order and clarity that co-livers need to abide by.
  • It gives a chance to grow by learning how others live with flexibility and embrace a moment to cultivate new relationships through sharing.
  • For those who might prefer to spend their time alone, CoHo dorm can be a wonderful way, learn in a new moment and throughout their everyday lives.
  • By making sure that that basics are covered, like designated quiet hours and cleanliness, keeps members from having unnecessary disagreements.
  • The dorms are designed perfectly to suit the need for those who are looking to build and grow real communities. In here, it is all about creating a new perspective.
  • They are the caretakers to everything – even on the cumbersome task like cleaning, maintenance or booking activities and even deliveries are as easy as it can be. You need not worry about anything.
  • You can take part in several fun activities to get a better experience and you can also enjoy the gaming area with a pool table to enjoy the free time.
  • If you are a girl, these dorms are highly secure. There’s nothing you need to worry about.

With all facilities right from student lab to high speed WiFi, online concierge, fun and recreation, repairs and maintenance, wholesome meals – CoHo Dorms still got you covered! In case of all emergency!

Where would you like to take a chance? Grab in. Join in. Before you miss out all the dates and no vacancy anywhere !


CoHo provides you with quality homes, community and hassle-free experience, so that you don't just exist but start living!

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Missed Delhi University Hostel ? CoHo Dorms saves the day
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Missed Delhi University Hostel ? CoHo Dorms saves the day
The first most difficult thing is getting into your favorite university. Once you make your way through the path - getting a place for yourself in the hostel is just another pain.
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