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Another all girls college of DU-Nah! Miranda House is not just that. Officially flagged as a hub of radiant faces and extremely fashionable divas, this college is every eye’s delight for all the right reasons. Be it the trendiest kurta or the zeal to grab good grades in the semester exam, Miranda Girls know how to bear anything and everything with a grin.

We will not state the obvious, mainstream facts about this college like how it has the best faculty, how the students are jovial and chirpy and much more, but will tell you the inside secrets and standouts for the same. If Miranda House College is the one that has been destined for your college life at DU, keep this one handy and thank us later!

1. The Girls got everything: Known for giving out extremely incredible cut-offs, getting into Miranda House is not a cakewalk. It is not just the glamorous look of the girls of this all-girls college that steals the thunder, but these divas are surely beauty with brains.

The confidence, spontaneity and their charm will surely give you college goals, if not life ones. Challenging the usual notion of all-girls College to be boring and monotonous, Mirandians, as they call themselves, rather believe in having frivolous fun and are just too cool and chilled out.

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2.  CAT-eogorically Friendly: Like Hindu is known for those loyal, lovely dogs, Miranda House is known for its poised and confident cats. Joining you like a Victorian Queen during your lunch and coffee sessions, these cats just like to get pampered and will never leave your side, not even when you want them to!

However, whenever and wherever the name of this college will echo, not mentioning these cats would be a serious breach of trust and treaty, as these cats take offense seriously.

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3. Chilli Potatoes: Needless to say, food junkies will have a gala time on this campus. Be it the samosa-chutney, dosa or that sumptuous chhole bhature, the canteen of Miranda House is the only corner of thrill and voices in the entire campus.

Munching and discussing the latest gossips, trends and political agendas, there is another joint by Nescafe in the campus that can be your ultimate adda. To make your first day a better one and to cut you from the grief of not getting the best of food, here’s a tip-Order their Chilli Potato and never get disappointed!

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4. Heritage Value: As passionate the girls are about getting into Miranda House, equally do they wish to grab an accommodation in the college hostel. Want to know what the fight is all about?

The spectacular design, arched ceiling, and spacey dining area, the hostel is a heritage building with 127 rooms. The long corridor of Miranda House Hostel has also been a part of the Akshay Kumar starer Special 26, where it was transformed as CBI headquarters.

This place is the most-loved spot for clicking selfies too, need we say more? Don’t lose heart if you couldn’t reserve a spot in their hostel, because, a stay at CoHo Dorms will be equally exciting and will give you a perfect rest place, away from your home!

Have a look at these quirky dorms here.

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5. Politically Correct: Beauty, grace, fashion is not all that girls at Miranda House know, they are active and aware too. Making their college engraved in the historical pages of DU, Miranda House was the first ever all girl’s college to get into the Delhi University Student Union.

The No Poster Party initiative of Miranda House was another feather in the cap of this college, but what made it stand apart was the coming together of 71 responsible students with broom, gloves and sacks, to make North Campus a pleasant site after the chaos of the elections. Deserves a pat, isn’t it?

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When thoughts like “all girls and no boys make Miranda House a dull college” might be crossing your head before your first day here, however, your entry will shatter all these myths.

Scared of being trapped in the web of feminism? The girls here hardly find time to brood over the absence of other gender and don’t mind equality at all. So keep this guide handy and write back to us with your experience of being a Mirandian.

Let us know in the comment section below about the secrets that we don’t know about Miranda House!


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