Miranda House- A Mecca for Women In Delhi

Allow us, fellow humans—let us introduce you to the world of Miranda; arguably one of the best Delhi University colleges to go to. Ranging from co-curricular activities, societies one could join, the staff to the canteen and the crowd; everything is on fleek. One would know what we’re talking about if they’ve been to that haven for women!

A 5 minutes ride from Vishwavidyalaya metro station, Miranda House Miranda House makes accessibility to Kamla Nagar market and Hudson lane, GTB Nagar is an issue that never finds life on campus.

I think we all can agree to have been affected by the plight of someone going to an all-women’s’ college –  this society will not let us survive without asking a thousand questions, all revolving around that one why: why a women’s college at all, you ask? Did you not know that we’re locked inside an igloo devoid of any sexist presence and interaction that should hamper our intellectual growth and sexuality? –Cringes-

Don’t worry, girls. It’s time to put you out of your misery and let the haters wonder where your pride and wit stems from. Let us answer all those whys of the wandering mind on Miranda House.

1. The Formidable Feminists

Whoever has ever befriended a Miranda lady knows what we mean when we say that they’re the absolute best, smartest women to hang out with! Despite the patriarchal air that flows around the world, colleges such as Miranda offer refuge to opinions coming from proud and intelligent women, never discounting one for the other – this college knows how to up your game in so far as your unshakable views and freedom of expression is concerned.

The environment fosters engagement with colleges across the nation (read men) wherein various discourses are given a voice, rest assured, yours will be heard.



2. The Popular Mushroom

Everybody who goes to Miranda House knows about the undeniably jaadui, splendid and irreplaceable frappe that is served and had under the adorable mushroom canteen!

Now, who wouldn’t want to grab a bite and just chill at such a place? I would totally buy a best friend if I had to, solely to have a picture taken with gigantic mushroom. And the frappe just adds on to this perfect fantasy.



3. The Imperishable Spirit

The supportive seniors and the stunning faculty will do everything in their power to help you out. You shall never be left struggling and confused, there will always be a Miss Briganza or two hanging around to go to for intellectually stimulating conversations.

The country’s best faculty and their undying fame in the realm of pedagogy will make sure that your brilliance is honed to perfection, and you become the happy kid you’re meant to! Now that sounds like a great deal to me.



4. Beyond stereotypes

I’m sure certain names are going to shatter your illusions of what goes around in an all-girls’ college. Ever heard of Shiela Dixit, Mira Kumar, or Anuja Chauhan? With alumni like THAT, who wouldn’t be proud? So everyone who has been deluded into believing that women who go to Miranda House have a sky-high attitude and low ambition, please reconsider your flawed judgment.



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Miranda House- A Mecca for Women In Delhi
Article Name
Miranda House- A Mecca for Women In Delhi
Established as one of the constituent north campus colleges under Delhi University in the year 1948, Miranda house is famous for its courses in liberal arts and sciences. We bring to you the reasons why it is considered a mecca for smart women.

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