The Marvelous Marwari Roommate!

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A Marwari roommate brings more than just a packet of Bikaner bhujiya to a non-Marwari’s life. Indian cultural space is filled to the brim with quirky examples of ‘baniyagiri’, and here are a few delightful things that you might find in a Marwari roommate that makes them exceptionally irresistible and fascinating.

  1. Bhujiya definitely beats oxygen when it comes to basic necessities. The traditional Marwari Bhujiya is appreciated by all, but well Marwaris are proudly obsessed with it. All meals are incomplete without a plate or two of the delicious bhujiya.
  2. Art is good, Science is better but Commerce is the real pacemaker of human life. Marwaris are known for their expertise in Business and Accounts. Historically, belonging to the business class, Marwaris still retain their passion for numbers.
  3. The most accurate sign of prosperity, your paunch enters the room before you do. As a Marwari your paunch is never a grim reminder of increased cholesterol levels but a sign of affluence.
  4. Falling in love is a waste of time that can only be measured against the size of your spouse’s wallet. Well, Marwaris strike the most lucrative deals in all spheres of their life.
  5. The bright and shiny jewellery in wedding is a means to save up on the electricity bill. Marwari culture is famous for their illustrious jewellery, and now you know another advantage to all that glitter.
  6. A thali should have enough dishes to represent all the food groups, at least thrice- Nothing beats the radius of a full fledged Marwari thali. You can’t avoid a paunch when there is so much to eat.
  7. The best time to celebrate Christmas is a week earlier, so you can re-sell the decorations. Marwaris make the best out of every festival and their celebration does not end on the day of the festival.
  8. It is essential to make time to go for your third cousin’s sister’s father-in-law’s second son’s wedding. Marwaris are as good with family as they are with numbers. In a Marwari household, the personal is indeed the public.

Living with a Marwari can be a truly enjoyable experience, their love of food and clothes will rub off on you. If you are attentive enough, you might also become better at keeping accounts and managing your finances. So, come to Coho and find different cultures from all over the country at your doorstep. Connect with Coho. in and find flats on rent in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida. A plate of bhujia and nonstop chatter might just be on its way.


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4 thoughts on “The Marvelous Marwari Roommate!

  1. Roommate or not roommate, having a marwari friend is who get different kinds of food…Whenever you skip breakfast just walk in to their room and you get whole lot of food that you can skip even lunch..Whenever you go their home you get delicious food to eat….and yes they are a big DILWALA

  2. My marwari friend brings with her a bag full of theplas, bhujia, ladoos and what not every time she visits home. We eagerly wait for her to come back as we know that she will back with so many food items. And accounts to unke khoon me hota hai..

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