LSR: Not Just a College, But a CLASS in itself!


Har ladki ka khwaab, har placement ka jawab-Lady Shri Ram! Might sound as a cheesy tagline of a clichéd advertisement, but nothing can describe this outstanding college better.

LSR has been every girl’s dream, and why it wouldn’t be, the college comes with everything. Beauteous lawns, stunning girls, concrete faculty and superb location, LSR has everything that one looks for (except maybe guys!).

Known for its sky-high placements and ultra-feminist aura, LSR has much more to reveal than the obvious. For all those shining stars who pulled off the high cutoff and made their way to this college and for everyone else who is still wondering what is so great about being an LSRite, we are here with some amazing standouts of Lady Shri Ram College. After all, expanding your general knowledge about a place so fine doesn’t hurt, right?

1. Kurta Kamaal Ka: Prints, plains, straight fit, frills, boho cut or simple long gheras, no girl can carry a kurta as efficiently as an LSRite does! Their choice of this ethnic attire is unusual and will make you wonder what all did you miss out on during your week’s Sarojini Nagar stroll!

Not just these terrific kurtis, LSR girls go gaga over that chunky jewellery, earrings, chokers and what not and never miss a chance to render the capital with some serious fashion goals, isn’t it?

Kurta Kamal Ka

2. Diwali Dhamaka: Known for their quirky celebrations, LSR girls surely know how to remain attached to their roots and whole-heartedly come together to make Diwali all the grander!

The Diwali Mela is full of quirky lights, blazing rangolis and amazing antique exhibition. While this is just another celebration for locals, Diwali Mela brings immense joy to the outsiders and remind them of the Diwali celebration of their hometown. Sweet!

Diwali Dhamaka

3. Big Chill is the Only Chill: When every college has got a spot where they feel like home, LSR also follows the same league. While some girls relish Hunger Strike ke Tandoori Momos at Amar Colony, the sophisticated lot prefer the fancy Big Chill Café in the Kailash Colony.

For some, interior café’s (not canteen, mind it!) keema samosa and macaroni cheese with garlic bread are enough to satiate their cravings after that weary lecture.

Big Chill

4. Name Game: “Whose class is it now?”, “Poorna Jaiswal’s!”, “When did she join?”, “My bad! It’s PJ’s class!”. This is a common sight at LSR.

You try taking the full name of a lecturer and it will surely raise eyebrows in the campus. LSR girls are smart and use the initials of their favourite lecturers instantly and save some milliseconds of their lives.

Name Game

5. Sevpuri aur Hariyali: The sprawling lawns of LSR have been making news for quite some time now. The blooming flowers, lush fields are never found empty, as the chatter-patter of girl gangs is always a sight here.

The greenery is pleasing and the sevpuri stall right outside the main gate is appealing. Often it is, the girls are seen drifting away from their core conversation and enjoying the delectable Bombay wali sevpuri.


6. We’re Feminist and we know it: Proud and unapologetic, LSR girls are known for their feminist biasedness and are very extensive in this approach. They are often seen sprawling some high-end perspective towards this very sensitive concept.

Make sure you have your facts in place and an opinion with evidences, as these girls know feminism inside out and will not give up that easy.


7. Keep the Attendance Game Strong: This one might be a bit demotivating, but still holds true. LSR is known for its quality placements, lectures and amazing grades.

But this makes it different from other colleges of DU, where attendance can be taken care of by simple jugaads (read as ‘adjustments’). Here, maintaining your attendance is equally important and can never be compromised, come hail or sunshine.


8. Shahid Ki Shaadi ek LSRite se!!: While there are ample of alumni from this prestigious college who are apparently going places, Mira Rajput, actor Shahid Kapoor’s wife, is the most talked about, for obvious reasons.

The pain is not of Shahid getting married, but Shahid getting married to a commoner. The whole college talked about this girl, who was once a student on English Honours in this same compound and still gushes over how lucky she is.

Shahdi Marriage

100% placements are just another standout, apart from CoHo Dorms in South Campus which is just a stone’s throw away and other scintillating ones that made our list. In pure terms, studying at LSR means attaining class, style and a fortune of undisputed success.

When you get to inherit those numerous qualities in you, a little feminism never hurts too, isn’t it? Know more about LSR? Share your thoughts in the comments and let us know which college you want us to cover next.


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LSR: Not Just a College, But a CLASS in itself!
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LSR: Not Just a College, But a CLASS in itself!
LSR has everything that one looks for (except maybe guys!). Known for its sky-high placements and ultra-feminist aura, LSR has much more to reveal than...
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