Life On The Run

Rooms On Rent In GurgaonWe live in a society that constantly expects us to perform. The performance pervades all spheres of our life and requires us to fit the moulds of a perfect worker, friend, lover and customer.

We mostly find ourselves chasing these images that the cultural space constantly produces for us without paying attention to the means that we are sacrificing to reach the end.

We work day in and day out, for that extra raise and to take that little step towards an ideal persona which recedes as we move towards it.

We no longer have the time to step back, relax and ponder over the substance of the dreams we are chasing.

Life has gained so much pace that living is no longer about a conscious engagement with the self and the world around but about sprinting through life trying to achieve momentum from a future filled with uncertainty.

Mid-life crisis lays bare this very plight as people in their 30s who spent most of their life running after goals served to them by others find themselves stuck in a life that they feel alienated from and hence, do not enjoy.

In the ruckus to run through life we seem to run life over and when we finally become the image that we had been chasing we realize that it gives us a happiness that is hollow and brittle.

It indeed seems more comfortable to shield oneself from self exploration because it requires us to pause, breathe and redefine our self.

It requires us to unlearn all that we have learnt about success and think about what it is that we as individuals require from life.

Not everyone has the courage to shake and stir their preconceived notions and think life anew. But for those who do choose take the plunge life can offer more beautiful possibilities than the categorical ones that we have been taught to dream about.

It is important to move out of presupposed comfort zones and put ourself in the way of diverse people and possibilities. Co-living through CoHo offers the possibility to move out of isolated shells and try out a completely new living experience.

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  1. Also with increasing competitions throughout the world the demand is ore but the opportunities are less. So it forces us to chase the limited opportunities and compete with the others to succeed…This makes me remind of the 3 idiots dialogue “Saala payda hone k liye bhi laakho sperms k saath compete karna padha tha”

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