Life After Work

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It’s time to have a personal life!

Perfect work-life balance is a working professional’s ultimate aspiration in life. While everyone chases this illusory harmony, most like Indira Nooyi claim that no one can have it all and the balance has to tip towards one of the scales.

In this frenzy of juggling between the two, what inevitably ends up suffering is one’s personal life. For most people it would be hard to recollect the last time that they peacefully read a book of their choice cover to cover or just went on a purposeless walk.

We seem to have lost the ability to exist in moments that look inwards and we are constantly consumed with seeking happiness outside.

Personal life is not the same as one’s family or social life which are obligatory to a certain extent.

There are times when our family or friends require us to participate in activities that do not interest us. We do it out of love and a sense of responsibility but it still does not allow us time for ourselves.

In a culture that constantly bombards us with avenues and images of group activities it becomes hard for us to find isolation from a whirl of activities and do the things we love to do.

When we get off work we find leisure in front of the television or around friends in a pub where everybody is equally pissed drunk to allow any avenues for meaningful and relaxing conversation.

It is important to enjoy time with others but it is also necessary to find time for oneself. It is important to take time out for the little things that we used to do as kids when we were left alone and did not have a characteristically adult anxiety of avoiding boredom.

Go on walks, write a journal, sing old songs and cook yourself a meal filled with culinary experiments, sit quietly and watch the clouds pass you by without worrying about the next week’s grocery list, if you look hard enough you will find even more ways to celebrate the time you spend with yourself.

Do not let your personal life suffer when caught in a vortex of the social and professional. It’s is important to give yourself time to enjoy your own company. allows you complete freedom to enjoy yourself in the comfort of your house. With all your needs taken care of, CoHo is the best place to cultivate your personal life.

CoHo also offers you the most refreshing recreational options that you can choose to enjoy both with your loved ones and alone.

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  1. After a whole day work it is of utmost necessary to spend a relax time at your home or to socialize more. Sometimes when you work so much you tend to miss those personal moments. It is also of utmost necessity to have personal moments after your hard day work..

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