Laundry made easy in CoHo

We Wash’ laundromat has partnered with CoHo and has brought to us the big public laundries that will help with cleaning our clothes. Around 10% discount has been levied for the CoHo residents exclusively on the app. They also provide an attendee to assist you throughout the cleaning processes which are simple and fast. The residents can get their washing of clothes done in a flash. To make the service enjoyable, the area is also equipped with free Wi-Fi, TVs streaming the most popular programs, fountain drinks vending machines for recreation and passing the few minutes that the machines take to do the cleaning. Massage chairs are available to relax while the cleaning is being done.

It seems next to impossible to take out time for washing and maintaining clothes at times. We Wash doesn’t just provide the facilities to wash your clothes but also to dry them.
They even provide services like folding and dry cleaning of the clothes. For the clothes that take longer to dry or are not properly washed with hands, it will be very convenient to use these machines at a minimal price.
Apart from clothes, there are also services related to shoe laundering, which is a truly helpful thing that not only efficiently cleans the shoes but also saves a lot of time and energy as shoes take longer to get dried.
As you know CoHo takes care of every basic of its residents’ problems, We Wash is another addition to the good list of partners.
We Wash partnering with CoHo, nobody will have to go out in strange new cities looking for washermen, when they can wash their clothes without getting their hands dirty.


CoHo provides you with quality homes, community and hassle-free experience, so that you don't just exist but start living!

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