Laughter Day Special

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Laughter is one thing that lights up everyone. From a child’s laugh after doing something notorious to one’s grandmother laughing while watching a saas bahu serial, laughter is a part of our life that creates an aura of positivity in our lives.

So on this Laughter Day let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of laughs and smiles and reminiscence in the memory of our loved ones posing the same in the moments gone by and yet to come…

The one will all thirty two teeth out
We all have that those friends who are ever ready with their shiny teeth to bulge out the moment you say cheese in front of them!

The one with a smirk
Oh this one is the favourite of girls. From Brad Pitt’s smirk to Damon Salvatore’s, you just can’t get enough of this.

The million dollar smile
“Pretty woman walking down the street. Pretty woman, the kind I like to meet.” Julia Robert will always be the winner for this one.

The one with the eyes closed
This one always shines high, when you are high, of course.

The gracious one
Ah! This is a kind of controlled laughter for all our conscious buddies who think a lot before laughing.

Laughing out loud
Hahaha. Hihihi. Huhuhu. Hehehe. We are Indians, and we are proud of using all the left over Hindi we know from our nursery class. And yes, people have taken an oath to commit this kind of mania all the time on social media!

LMAO, ROLF and what not
Yes, there are an infinite number of abbreviations these days. Trust me, some are so innovative that you ought to do a thorough research on what they exactly mean before using them.
Can you think of some other kinds too? Do share with us in case you can think of a lousy, funky or any sort of chirpy laughter that is unique to your friend or colleague!

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One thought on “Laughter Day Special

  1. Laughing makes you feel a lot better..It energises you and make your mind fresh..Laughter is also a therapy which can be to hide sorrw..And if you end up getting a funny roommate it is always a bonus..

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