Kirori Mal College And Its Encore of Fests


One of the top-ranked North Campus colleges, Kirori Mal College, lovingly referred to as KMC, is one of the best that Delhi University has displayed on the platter. This constituent star college is passionately sought after by students for varied reasons. Now we know, you’d be wondering that what might one wish for apart from a great facilitating environment, right? But trust us, folks, Kirori Mal College has a few surprises up its sleeves for all you bachelors.

Founded in 1954, Kirori Mal College is known for the college life it offers to its students year after year. What comes as a common privilege to all north campus students, Kirori Mal college, too, enjoys being in close proximity to Kamla Nagar market for clothes, duh!) and Hudson Lane for great food (insert image of a burger from BYD.) Kirori Mal college is an easy commute from Vishwavidyalaya as well and GTNagarar metro station, allowing its students to relish their experiences without having to worry about being late for class.

A promising Delhi University college life isn’t limited to interactive classes, Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar ka khaana or late night Chai on the sidewalks – it is also, wait for it… FEST SEASON!

North Campus fests, especially, are something that kids look forward to all year long. Unnerving competitions, dance-offs, poetry slams, fashion shows, quizzes and the ecstatic celebrity nights that works as a bonus.

Kirori Mal College tops all records when it comes to university fests with the frenzy that accompanies those demanding youngsters waiting for a medium of self-expression through creative ways. So put your dancing shoes and thinking caps on, because we are going to acquaint you with two of the most peculiar and loved fests under the umbrella of Delhi University.

  • The Economics Society’s Pareto Time

Economic society of Kirori Mal organizes an annual academic festival called Pareto Time. This unique festival completed 30 whole years this year, cheers to KMC! Whistles. Since its inception in 1988, the rendezvous has attained both national and international significance with the passing years. One of the most appreciated economics fests, constituent colleges of Delhi University as well as from the rest of India participates in the grand event. Students from different countries have been the shaan of Pareto Time, year after year. With a footfall of around 16,000, for an academic fest, Pareto Time is one hell of an event.

More than 30 colleges participate in this February fest, a collaboration that holds true as a tradition of Delhi University, around a hundred volunteers manipulate the threads right to accommodate students participating in 10 of the most innovative competitions. Whew!

Kirori Mal prides itself on producing some of the sharpest minds in this country, and ECOSOC KMC takes due credit for most. Founded in 1989, intellectuals have been attracting freshers and alumni to join this consortium and herald a change. They’ve been organizing corporate events at an academic level for both graduate students and undergrads, engendering an environment of knowledge and fun combined! Pareto Time is their showstopper each year with students bringing in bubbling ideas fuelled with the wish to turn things around in a dynamic country like ours!

Some of the fascinating events at this fest are:

  • 1. Mock Stock

If you find yourself panting at the stock updates that flash on the TV each morning or are driven by a passion to be a part of the forerunners of the economy, this one is for you. Dear Hritik from ZNMD, this Mock Stock is going to test your luck at the game. Utilise those skills and knowledge, strategize and go at it as you compete with economics enthusiasts. Modeled on big and famous stock exchanges in the world, this one game is not for the faint-hearted.



  • 2.Journalism

If you drool at the sight of the likes of Mr. Swaminathan Aiyar and Mr. Prannoy Roy, this event is the one. You will be confronted by complicated socio-political and economic issues and you will have to present them to the usual go-byers and the public with ease and mind. Keep in mind that what tells most about your skill is how much you can appeal to the audience and the grace and enthusiasm with which you associate to the crowd. If you know how to turn bombshell news to everyday business, get your mics ready, woman!


  • 3. Paper Presentation

Finally, one for the writing soul! Use your analytical skills and knowledge of the subject to come up with brilliant thoughts and associations. Play around with the topic at hand and produce a work of art – if that sounds ideal, see you at Pareto Time ‘19, kid!



  • 4. A General Quiz

Hello, our dear Sheldon Coopers! One of the most fun events at Pareto Time is this quiz. Students from all walks of life participate in this with their varying domains of knowledge, and well, you know the drill. The one mastering most is the winning bird. But … there’s a catch! Students from opposing teams can come up with their own questions and target the competing team for the answer. Woah, Woah, Woah. Look out for the flying ball, smarty, this is going to be some match!

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 6.38.33 PM


  • The Literary Society, Grubstreet’s, Bohemia

What began in 2007 on the grounds of Kirori Mal College now stands today as one of the most revolutionary practices. Consider it your favorite book club turning into a space for ideas and fun to amalgamate into one! For the philosopher’s thirsty soul, the literary society at KMC knows how to quench your parched thoughts. Palimpsest, the famous magazine published by the Grubstreet is read across colleges in North Campus. 

The society has collaborated with many a writer and publishing houses to bring to life works of brilliance. One exemplary of the same is the Remnants of a Separation written by Aanchal Malhotra that was published with the bigshot house – HarperCollins India. Bow down, lads. This literary society takes its work seriously!

From movie screenings of popular and critically acclaimed adaptations and book publications, Kirori Mal is setting the stage right for intellectual growth throughout Delhi University.

When the society isn’t too busy helping students with their comprehensions and freeing their thoughts with their aids …  Every year, Grubstreet organizes its annual fest that’s very quirkily (might we add) called Bohemia. More than 2000 students participate in this literature flooded, brainstorming session each year. Students from Delhi University and other universities visit the campus to test the magic of their ideas and their mastery over the language.

If that isn’t enticing enough, let us mention the competitions hosted by the society that has managed to outsmart many in the same league. Online competitions are held to promote creative expression; Bokeh in My Veins is one such competition that allows you to pick that camera and wipe its dust off to capture genius. Tales of Arrivals and Departures is an online Nano-tale writing contest and our personal favorite, The One That Gets us Off The Tracks is an adorable Haiku writing competition.

We’re all set to rewatch Mohabbatein before we pick our pens up, for sure! Let’s not forget, Amitabh Bachchan went to Kirori Mal (let’s just call it Gurukul for poetic justice.)



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Kirori Mal College And Its Encore of Fests
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Kirori Mal College And Its Encore of Fests
One of the top-ranked North Campus colleges, Kirori Mal College has a few surprises up its sleeve for all you bachelors. Let's begin with the KMC fest!
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