Kalindi College – The Hidden Marvel of North Campus



One finds a name highlighted on a board somewhere between blooming flowers, bold voices, the fragrance of samosa and the walls of an enormously sized campus covering 10 acres of land. Kalindi College is one such name that stands out from yards away! One of the lesser known beauties of North Campus, Kalindi College is a marvel when it comes to imparting bombshell education to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Affiliated to the University of Delhi, Kalindi College is located in East Patel Nagar, Central Delhi. Founded in 1967, the college opened its gates to brave women and smart professors to change the way academics affect its students. The proximity it shares to both North and south Delhi cannot be emphasized enough – the ideal location is one of the prime reasons for students to pursue their academic education at Kalindi College.

A gigantic ground that is used by the students for multiple purposes is pretty much the first thing you notice when you cover that 900 meters distance from the metro station on foot. It’s a dream for university goers for that reason alone, and we’re sure anyone who has to pay a surcharge for cab rides would agree! – sighs- delivering A class education to women students in Delhi, Kalindi College is one of the 22 constituent colleges established under Delhi University exclusively for women.

Besides the facilities that come with every college campus, Kalindi College functional cyber cafes, a well-stocked library and an infrastructure that satisfies both the students and the professors’ needs.

Students prefer North Campus to South Campus for a reason, and lest we glide to the other side, let us remind you of the few reasons why you should consider applying to Kalindi College.


  • The Academics, duh!

Something particular to all Delhi University constituent colleges, Kalindi College stays true to its stature. With a history of academic successes and reasons to rejoice, the women have been exceptional in winning laurels to boost the college’s pride. Be it in academics, co-curricular or developmental progression, these remarkable women sure know how to make best an opportunity.

The college has consecutively won the ‘university award for good practices’ twice in a row at Antardhvani (an academic cum cultural meet organized by the University of Delhi) in 2013 and 2015. Winning up to 12 lacs for the same, Kalindi college sure is one of the renowned prodigies of Delhi University.

Offering courses in science and the arts, the core courses at Kalindi College as bachelors and masters in political science. The women at the college have been successful at attaining 100% marks in the academic session 2014-15 (20 females) and 702 students obtaining up to 99% in different streams! And yes people, this is Delhi University that we’re talking about. Now would be the right time for an elaborated WOAH.

  • Opportunities to Burn Calories

Nobody can doubt the endurance of someone who goes to Kalindi College. The unquestionable strength one gains from excelling in the domain of Sports and other extracurricular activities is undeniable! And for the collective ball of laziness and skin that we are, it is no less than a matter of pride to know that our women continue bringing glory to the college at zonals and nationals.

The sports department at Kalindi makes stringent training an option for students who wish to pursue different sports, all under the scheme set in motion by the National Sports Organisation.

Since 1967, there has been a huge number of participants that appear through the same, going back home with medals and trophies. Quite a souvenir to take from a university, lass!

From reptiles like slithering moves that one must excellent in games like kho-kho and rock climbing to the powerful punches one needs to knock a jerk on the street out, these girls have it all! Beware, predators! Powerlifting and athletics have our players on point.

The women at Kalindi have made a name in this field at the All India Inter-Varsity level along with national, international and open tournaments. Year after year, these girls are building on muscle and getting countless scholarships for being exceptionally talented.



  • Get That Cortisol Right

There’s space for everybody at Kalindi College! From chiseled calves and toned arms to hands that work like magic. If you’re one who is more inclined towards the performing arts, don’t you worry, child. There’s practically a functioning society for every extra-curricular activity you could think of. To rest an intellectual tongue, you’ve got the debating society. Women belonging to which make it to Delhi University fests and come back home with that certificate just right.

Quizzing for the wise and the knowledgeable and dramatics for well, everybody! There is the music and dance society to move those vocal chords and perfect those moves. And if you know how to use that brush to release endorphins, there’s the creative skills and fine arts club as well. The coolest of all, however, is the college band and the radio!

If running the extra mile on the ground with drenched clothes in the unbearable heat of summer is not your calling, don’t let your brain stress itself out cause Kalindi college has your back!



  • And of course, PLACEMENTS!

Placements is a huge part of every academic endeavor, especially when it a grey uncertain cloud that haunts your 3 years. Rest assured, Kalindi College won’t leave you hanging when it comes to placements. The placement cell at Kalindi facilitates training for interested and skilled students, supporting them as they turn into potential candidates for jobs. Working with the central placement cell under the University of Delhi, no opportunity goes amiss.

The placement cell acts as an interface between students and companies, helping out with applications, preparation, organization, and listing of opportunities. From seminars to guidance and counseling sessions, they’ll leave no stone unturned if you’re willing. Corporate giants like Alken Labs, Accenture, Tech Mahindra and Kotak frequent the college during placement season. Turns out that contrary to popular belief,  you don’t be too caught up in the chaos that assists academics. -Dramatically wipes the sweat off forehead-

  • The Air of Acceptance

Something (besides food) that stays imperative in having a considerably memorable bachelor’s life in Delhi is an accommodating crowd. Kalindi women are known around the city for being carriers of poise and elegance. Simplicity is the term that is most associated with the crowd here, and if you’re on the side of feminism, hello friend!

The safety of women is one of the most critical issues that the college staff and fellow students take into consideration to assure you have a great time! So we suppose it’s a good thing that one doesn’t have to go prepared for a Mean Girls sequel!



  • A Gazillion Places to Hang Out

With a ton of eateries, cafes and shopping corners within a few meters of the college campus. Now you don’t have to resort to the overcrowded Hudson Lane that is forever swamped with students! All you need to do is walk a few minutes and you can relish in the surprise that Karol Bagh is. East Patel Nagar is famous for coaching for civil services aspirants and Adrak Chai in the nooks and crannies of Karol Bagh. no matter what time you go, you will find women from Kalindi College hanging out in these spaces.

  • A Spectacular Faculty

No college can make it to the top without the support of a brilliant faculty. Students need giants to fall back upon, and these shoulders are one of the strongest in town! The dynamic faculty that pretty much runs the place in tandem with the students are highly qualified professors. Looking over sixteen departmental societies, these professors are super skilled at their job. And the best bit? Students adore them, however unusually strange that may sound. Twenty-nine programmes are one too many that are managed by this faculty.

The professors at Kalindi College act as facilitators for growth and knowledge, and classrooms turn into spaces for that to flower. Debates, workshops, symposiums, competitions, group discussions and regular seminars are held for the betterment of hungry minds. To promote dialogue, professors and speakers from all around the world are invited for the same.



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Kalindi College - The Hidden Marvel of North Campus
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Kalindi College - The Hidden Marvel of North Campus
Kalindi College is a marvel when it comes to imparting bombshell education to undergraduate and postgraduate students.
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