Joey Doesn’t Share His Food!

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Sounds like your roommate, eh?

Okay, so we all have that one roommate or a sibling or a friend who is constantly nagging when it comes to sharing food. Oh yes, the moment you wish to grab a bite while passing by, they are like ‘Joey doesn’t share his food, period”. You dare not try again after getting that scary look.

They are so possessive and alert about their food that they have it stored in the most unpredictable and secret places.

When you urge to have something from your roommate’s fancy share of chocolates, cookies, snacks, etc  without telling him/her, you will have the most difficult time figuring out where they have it all stored.

And trust us, it will take you less time figuring out The Da Vince Code than figuring out where they keep their food, so you better give up and purchase it.

From talking about the best eatery giants to distinguished delicacies, they have it all on their fingertips. They want to hang out with you to try it all, but when it comes to sharing from their plate, they are like, “I don’t know you man, back off”.

You can constantly see that they delve over the fact that they are growing fat and they want to lose weight, but getting on a diet is the most far fetched option which they can only practice on their deathbeds.

So off they go, eating and eating and being so devoted to their favourite dishes that they can always make for long rides and shorts walks to any place which has it on their menus.

You just cannot convince them to share it with you. They have mastered the art of hiding it all so well and even while it’s there, you don’t stand a chance to have even an ounce of it.

So yes, it’s better to give up and move on. Sometimes it’s better to let go of things you cannot have. Sounds dramatic, eh?

When it comes to food, there is more than just pizzas and burgers, there’s emotion, the feeling of joy that you get when you have that one bite into your mouth.

So don’t keep waiting to have the share of your roommate’s food, get it for yourselves. Because when it comes to food, all of us are the most selfish creatures that ever lived on planet earth.

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One thought on “Joey Doesn’t Share His Food!

  1. Oh..This is so us…Everyone of us don’t share food with others when that is one of our favourites…It makes us crib a lot to share the food with others…

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