Indoor Games To Play With Your Roommates

Flatmates In Gurgaon

Playing indoor games with your roommates can be the best hostel/PG experience you can ever have. Eat, play and have fun with your buddies playing the following games!

  1. Board Games:

Ludo, Snake and Ladder, Monopoly, Dart Board Games, Scrabble, Chess, Go (After AlphaGo’s victory this ought to be on your list) are some of the most popular and entertaining games to play anytime round the clock with your roommates.

  1. Card Games:

When it comes to cards, there is an infinite list of games you can play with them. From simplest to hardest, play whichever you are comfortable with. However, by no chance miss out on Flash, Poker, Bluff and UNO.

  1. Foosball:

A Foosball Table might not be in your budget. Well offers you a chance to play it on the gaming nights hosted by them every now and then.

In case you’re smarter and have switched to CoHo, suit yourself and enjoy your fantasy F.R.I.E.N.D.S moment playing foosball like Chandler and Joey anytime you want!

  1. PlayStation:

From FIFA to Vice City to WWE, kill it with your buddy on your PlayStation!

  1. Carrom:

One of the most popular board games in India since a very long time, it has never failed to amuse youngsters and aged alike.

  1. Table Tennis:

While most of the indoor games don’t give you an opportunity to exercise, this one does with a lot of fun. One of the best games to polish your mind and body coordination, Table Tennis is the easiest and most fun filled of all!

  1. Billiards:

Billiards family has a lot to offer from pool, carom billiards to snooker, etc. Considered to be one of the most stylish games, feel beautiful while playing it!

  1. Computer Games/Video Games:

Counter Strike, Mario, Minecraft, Poker and this list can go on and on. The virtual world has offered us an ample amount of games to choose from. So why not buckle up and play!

Excited already to play all of them. Great! At CoHo you can find all these games to play whenever you want. Find awesome flatmates in Gurgaon with CoHo and have the best experience playing with a like-minded community! Accommodations now available in Gurgaon near Ansal PlazaHuda City Centre, Galleria Market, IFFCO ChowkGolf Course RoadCyber City and many more prime locations!

Flatmates In Gurgaon

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3 thoughts on “Indoor Games To Play With Your Roommates

  1. Infact during childhood, a lot of games were played with chits like Chor-Sipahi…But it is still Ludo that fascinates me the most as it can be played within your familyand the rivalries within family is at stake..

  2. Reading this blog was like a nostalgic tour to childhood. We were a group of 4 girls. We used to play monopoly, carrom, UNO all day long during our summer breaks. PlayStation was not that common those days. Today also, whenever we meet we play a game or two of UNO. I was going through the website of CoHo and I found that they keep Foosball and pool table in the living area, Isn’t this awesome? Great concept guys..

  3. i am so glad that i spent my childhood playing board games and the outdoor games unlike most of the kids today. The joy i used to derive from that!!!! and still do. you get me an old school board game in front of me and i swear i will not leave it till time has ended.

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