“I didn’t chose the thug life. It chose me.”

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Thug Life as popular acronym is known as “The Hate You (U) Give Little Infants F*cks Everyone”. These days we see all sorts of images and videos with random stuff endorsed as ‘Thug Life’.

Thug Life is not intended to praise thuggish behaviour or encourage crime – it’s used to symbolise struggle.

In a video, Tupac explains that when he says ‘thug’ he doesn’t mean criminals but the underdog community that wasn’t born with the luxuries but still manages to succeeds.

Thug Life is TRENDING amongst millennials. Reddit popularised Thug Life by expanding the scope of what a thug life can symbolise.

By endorsing challenges to authority, candid moments of brutal honesty, and of course thuggish or pseudo-thuggist behaviour, Reddit managed to popularise the trend all over the world.

These days we see an infinite amount of content from memes to videos showing funny and daring imagery on every social media platform.

The tracklist also has expanded to include a larger swath of gangsta rap. Snoop Dog’s ‘Smoke Weed Everyday’ has managed to be amongst the hot favourites.

The ending freeze frame of videos is often shown fading comedically into black and white. Yolo, swag, hip hop, turnup, 365BLAZE, gangsta are some common hashtags seen everywhere with thug life content.

This culture has become so popular that these days millennials have started editing their friend’s pictures showing them with a cap and a cigar to give a personalised fun element to the culture.

From Facebook pages to YouTube channels core heartedly dedicated to the cult of thug life, the popularity of it cannot be underestimated.

Thug Life is here to remain for a long time to amaze and give a laugh to the millennials.

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One thought on ““I didn’t chose the thug life. It chose me.”

  1. An awesome read..In this Thug life jokes the funniest thing is the slow movement of the glares, Cigar and chain..These generally add something to the THUG videos and look really cool..

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