How to Not Screw Up D-day: 5 Essentials That You MUST Not Forget!


Our dearest ambitious peeps, brace yourselves for it is that time of the year again – Delhi University has opened its gates to the thousands and thousands who have been wishing upon a lucky star! With the winter academic session coming to an end, applicants from all over the world begin rushing in to fill out forms and attending open days in this scorching heat of summer. Students have been busting their heads all throughout their academic lives to get marks high enough to bag a seat at DU and now it is time for the playoff season.

A cut throat battle requires one to be well prepared to go to war – from filling forms appropriately to never missing a notification, it is a fatiguing journey you must set on. It becomes imperative for the mind to be on its toes when it comes to Delhi University admissions. The increasing number of applications with each succeeding year demand every student to function to the best of their capacities. We shall vanquish all that stands in the way of us and that seat!  

One of the important things that you keep in mind is that although your competition is tough but Delhi University offers around 55 thousand seats in it is colleges constituting both north and south campus, covering and distributed across 86 spectacular departments. The online application procedure is much easier for most students to avail as an option, but the offline one requires you to fill a pre-admission common form on an OMR sheet. Both online and offline applications open during the months of May and June.

To be eligible for consideration, a student needs to have successfully cleared and pass the despicable CBSE class 12 board exams or equivalent, and admission is allotted on the basis of your merit and individual college cut off criteria.


Don’t you worry, folks, we’re here to the rescue. To ease you into the much awaited transitional phase, we bring to you pointers you should not miss at any cost while sending in your applications.

  1. Plethora of Courses and Colleges

One tends to become reticent when in the face of potentially better options, the inclination is to only stick with one. We have all been there shifting sails between psychology and English, chemistry and honours, so on and so forth. But one of the perks of applying to universities is the numerous options one has in terms of courses. In the single common pre admission form, one can select as many courses as one desires, leaving you with a tonne of suitable backups and buying you time as you figure it out! You can escape the high cutoffs that you’re unable to make with these backup options, and your dream to go to Delhi University becomes a teeny bit more realistic with this little step.

Delhi University is famed across the world for exceptional academics and faculty, and staying true to the same tradition, colleges stand tall next to each other under the aegis of the university. From Sri Venkateswara College and Jesus and Mary College in south campus to Miranda House, Sri Ram College of Commerce and Hindu College in north campus, it’s a huge platter that you’re looking at. Make note of all the colleges and respective courses that entice you before you begin applying and looking at options. We guarantee that you will overwhelmed with the brilliance of each of these colleges and what they offer, but having a clear goal will help you proceed in similar spirit.

(Hush, hush! All our votes go to South Campus.)


  1. Don’t Mess Up the Marks

When you sit down to fill the forms with your details, make sure you don’t screw up your credentials and detailed marks. If you end up messing with the scores on your application, your form most likely will meet the bin. Be vigilant as you fill out those scores cause Delhi University calculates an aggregate based on the four subject scores. Deductions and additions are made to compute an aggregate by the university and trust us, guys, you don’t want to risk being rejected over this! Now would be the time to put those wonderful organizational skills to work.


  1. The Boring Instructions

We cannot emphasise enough on the importance of those page long instructions that must find home on our nerdy fingertips. It would be best to acquaint yourself with the way OMR sheets work beforehand so you do not under any circumstances lose out on a precious application. Many kids submit the forms online and offline, but it would be safe to assume that reading the prospectus and the instructions beforehand would be a great idea. Every year good students don’t get seats due to silly mistakes or overwriting on the OMR sheet. So to avoid any ill fate, let’s just get those reading goggles out, shall we?


  1. Compartment No Bar

Don’t be disheartened if you’ve received a compartment in your board exams and need to retake the exam, there’s bucketloads of hope if you want to attend Delhi University. DU doesn’t require any fixing of documents with the common admission form and so it gives you a lot of time to both provisionally apply and procure your originals in time. If you can manage to meet the college’s cut off and are eligible, just get over with your exam and go get that seat you deserve!

  1. Finally, the Ghost of Applying

Now that you’re all set to face that application form and have managed to familiarize yourself with the instructions, time to set foot into the murky waters and proceed with that application. Get all your documentation ready before you hit the form – from your school grades to your CBSE marksheets, your compartment results and your personal details. The university requires you to submit the details as mentioned on your marksheets, school leaving certificate, character certificate, age and identity proof, passport size pictures, and sports and caste certificates if applicable. It is best to devote effort to collect them all well in time!  

It is of utmost importance that you do not face the selection without proper documents. If you are considered provisionally, you will be required to produce all your original documents eventually. It is best to not challenge the Delhi University system as you begin sending out applications. Although the university only takes into consideration the best four scores on your marksheet, if you skip filling out the detailed scores of all five subjects, you stand to lose your chance. Keep those butter fingers away from these precious numbers, kids!

And our last piece of advice to you for your introduction to this battle ground would be this: get your converse out, refresh your brain and get down to business. Believe in yourself, kid, cause you got this! Hail Odin, long live Asgard!


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How to Not Screw Up D-day: 5 Essentials That You MUST Not Forget!
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How to Not Screw Up D-day: 5 Essentials That You MUST Not Forget!
Our dearest ambitious peeps, brace yourselves for it is that time of the year again - Delhi University has opened its gates to the thousands and thousands who have been wishing upon a lucky star!
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