How to Make the Most of DU: Find A place In South Campus


The beautiful Lodhi Gardens to take a stroll in, chiselled structures, mouth-watering food and the best places to party – South Campus is the ideal place to reside in. Every Delhi University student would attest to this ‘best of both worlds’ privileged existence that comes with studying at and residing in South Campus.

Some of the best Delhi University constituent colleges were established in the late 20th century under the umbrella ‘south campus’ term in the best localities of Delhi: Dhaula Kuan, Malviya Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, to name a few.Especially famous for their undergraduate courses in liberal arts and sciences, students from all over the country aspire to attend one of these; Lady Shri Ram College, Sri Aurobindo College, Jesus and Mary College, Gargi College and Sri Venkateswara College are some of the constitutive South Campus star colleges.

All you thrilled souls out there waiting to apply to colleges, pack your bags and put your adventure boots on! We’ve come with a list of all the reasons why you should find a place in South Campus to make the most of your Delhi University student life!

1. Satya Niketan

The ideal place for a delightful, light on the pocket date night and a group outing with the group! Satya Niketan continues to be the most prioritized eating hub for south campus students. From cafeteria and co. to Woodbox café, Big Yellow Door to QD’s – you will definitely find what your gut and heart crave in that marketplace. Bang opposite Sri Venkateswara College and extremely close to Jesus and Mary College and Maitreyi College, it’s a convenient option for all your lazy excuses.

Regardless of when you decide to go, you’ll find the block swamped with students from all over Delhi University feeding themselves away to glory the way a quintessential bachelor does. You average PG rent in and around Satya Niketan and Dhaula Kuan would be approximately 10-12k per person.

Closest metro station: Dhaula Kuan.


2. Hauz Khas

The beautiful locality that is a dreamland accommodation option, is also the top go-to for parties. With over a hundred clubs to choose from (Moonshine, MyBar, Social, etc.) in the famous Hauz Khas Village! (And some frozen yoghurt options) What adds more to the charm of Hauz Khas is the magnificent Hauz Khas Fort that comes with a beautiful ‘deer park’ and the not so pristine, yet adored, Hauz Khas Lake. Trust us, they make the best antidote to a party hangover!

It is a favoured hangout spot throughout the day till the wee hours of the morning, and you’ll be accompanied by the adorable dogs that hang around the area. Boutique and shops selling handicrafts, artefacts and shaadi clothes mark the narrow alleys that make Hauz Khas Village so alluring! And the USP, you ask? Unlike Satya Niketan, it comes with a designated parking space!

Your average PG rent in and around Hauz Khas would be approximately 14-15k per person.

Closest metro station: Hauz Khas and Green Park.


3. IIC for conferences

Located in the Lodhi Garden estates, and close to Khan Market – India International Centre which is a famous platform to initiate new ideas and knowledge and to establish amity between different communities of the world. As a student at South Campus, you get to experience such trysts first hand and attend the conferences and event that are facilitated at the centre, to help supplement and widen the horizons of your intellect. Also, it makes for a pretty great addition to your CV; immense value to make your coursework a little less redundant and your community extending beyond borders.

People with deep pockets can consider a dine-in at Khan Market post-conference, which continues to be the most expensive place to rent a shop at in the country. And as for the rest, walk down the road to Lodhi Garden. A place with an abundant archaeological history and heritage walks, that remains a favourite for yoga enthusiasts and morning walkers. It makes for a peaceful hangout spot with your buds and some bhel-puri, post conversing with a hundred strangers.

And if you want some out of the world coffee and try something at the American Diner which is famous for its scrumptious breakfast, go to India habitat centre which is one of the most riveting places in Delhi- untouched by civilisation and dirt.

Closest metro station: Jor Bagh.


4. Sarojini Nagar

The biggest and most important market destination for everyone who is out on a hunt for the trendiest clothes at the cheapest rates! Sarojini Nagar never disappoints when it comes to variety and proves to be a site for a healthy bargain for every dilliwala. With an endless range of pseudo ray bans to beautiful curtains, it has the solution to all your inner interior designer who takes centre stage when you move to a new city.

The locality around the market has been allotted to government officials for residential purposes, and the closest options for students remain Malviya Nagar and Hauz Khas. With rents starting from around 10k per person.

A 5 minutes auto ride away, you’ll find yourself at an urban version of a traditional weekly market. Dilli haat that is an amalgamation of regional food, crafts and a lot of fun! Pro tip for the adventurous: try delicious regional specialities from states you have always wanted to visit!

Closest metro station: INA.


5. Select CityWalk and DLF Place

Basically, Sarojini inside an AC complex and enumerable high-end brands for watches, clothes, perfumes, makeup…pretty much everything one could possibly search for is found inside that massive mall. Also famous for its PVR cinema that stays true to the standard upheld by the name, DLF mall has some of the most favoured brands like Forever 21. Your usual mall, except this one, spreads across what seems like the area of Chandigarh, it’s the preferred choice for shopping – especially during sales.

Select city is an absolute delight during the festive season with a gazillion lights, festive sales and fests held on the campus itself. Beware of the taxing amount of effort you’ll have to make to walk through the crowd.

Located in Saket and pretty close to Malviya Nagar, it gives an added advantage to students residing in those respective areas and those who go to Sri Aurobindo College who can walk to the mall wearing a nightsuit on a weekday. (Trust us, the congestion is mind-numbing!) The average rent in Saket is 6-7 per person, and as for Malviya Nagar, 10-12k per person.

Closest metro station: Malviya Nagar and Saket.


6. Garden of Five Senses

Answering to your needs for leisure space and to socialise and unwind, Garden of Five Senses is one of the most famous spaces of public art in the country. With beautiful murals and chiselled sculptures, it offers a blast of colours and fragrance – all that you need to get over those arduous hours spent studying for endsems and the endless assignments.

Closest metro station: Saket.


7. GK M block

This market is the go-to amenity shopping preference for students who go to Lady Shri Ram College, Gargi College and Kamla Nehru College. From famous eating joints like Hunger Strike (for the best tandoori momos ever) and CCD, quaint cafes and dessert shops,  a collection of sadak-side clothes, and a beautiful park right in the middle of the complex – it makes for a nice getaway spot for college kids.

With some of the most beautiful (and ehm … expensive) residential options available (mostly for families,) Greater Kailash, Kalkaji and Lajpat Nagar all come with PG accommodations around the price of 12-14k per person.

Closest metro station: Kailash Colony.


Enticing this, apart from the taxing hours spent at college campuses and libraries trying to get your grades right, there must come some respite in the form of home! understands the predicament you might be in when you’re stuck looking for an affordable, homely and luxurious accommodation. You don’t have to look too far, little one. Pack your bags and let us help you adjust to this colourful world called university life.

We bring to you the best rooms in south campus to help facilitate what is going to be the best years of your life! Check out for a home away from home, and go take that walk down Lodhi Garden, never miss a lecture again, and never worry about making it to the metro station before rush hours – knowing that you’re coming back to security and comfort.

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How to Make the Most of DU: Find A place In South Campus
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How to Make the Most of DU: Find A place In South Campus
The beautiful Lodhi Gardens to take a stroll in, chiselled structures and the best places to party – South Campus is the ideal place to reside in.
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