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“The best years of your life are the ones you barely remember, because you were so involved when they happened”

There are times when you look back at your college life and smile, you smile because you have an epiphany that those were the best days of your life, those were the days when you were happy, and you didn’t even know it.

You didn’t realize that you were making memories; you just thought you’re having fun. Life in a hostel  is no less than a roller coaster ride.

You have to start a new life, all by yourself. Your parents are not around to take care of you anymore, to wash the dishes for you, to make your favourite food, you have to do all that by yourself. It’s hard at first, you make mistakes and learn.

That’s the way it is. But nonetheless, hostel life is one of the best periods of your life. You make close friends that stay with you till the end, you learn how to adjust with people of all kinds and well, you learn how to do laundry.

Here are five things that you’ll be able to identify with, if you’ve spend a considerable amount of your life in a hostel.

  • The gossip sessions

This is an absolutely important activity of the day, isn’t it? Sitting in a circle and talking about that hot girl? about that couple? Or about the guy next door who wouldn’t share her food. Remember the way every single person present in the gossip room would contribute his bit to the discussion? And then the whole room would go berserk.

  • The midnight movie marathon

Silence of the lambs? I’m sure most of you would have seen that movie all cuddled up next to each other; with a bowl of popcorn on the floor while you sat in one of those rooms, past midnight. And then how you’d turn on an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S after the movie got over just to lighten the mood.

  • Sharing clothes

It’s a saying that your wardrobe doubles when you stay in a hostel. I guess that’s pretty true. You learn how to share clothes, accessories, shoes and what not! Could it get any better?

  • Midnight snacks

And no hostel life is complete without the maggi making sessions. When it’s 1 in the night and you’re famished, you have nothing to eat then you have to do something, right? Maggi to the rescue, Maggi tastes even better past midnight from my experience.

  • The group study

This is actually the hilarious part. Let’s admit it, nobody studies during those so called “Group Study” sessions. There’s just a lot of commotion, fear of flunking, one geeky nerd who gets irritated every time you speak and well, a lot of back benchers.

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3 thoughts on “A home away from home!

  1. A home away from home can be felt only when life becomes very easy…When you get people with whom you share everything and enjoy all your good and bad times then you develop a sense of bonding that binds your heart,…It gives you memories for lifetime which brings a smile to your face..

  2. This is exactly what its supposed to be!! a hostel for grown ups or should i say for grown ups who are still stuck in the hostel time period. What an amazing time it was! do whatever you want! make friends with the warden, smuggle prohibited contraband and what not. Its amazing how COHO has been successfully captured this mental market and continue to grow.

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