5 Things Every Hindu College Student Will Relate To

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Recognized as one of the most distinguished colleges of the University of Delhi, Hindu College is in news in some way or the other. Be it the scenes shot in a movie, or its out-of-the-box condom Pooja, Hindu College is not an ordinary place to be. Here we are, with some unusual, interesting facts and sights that you will witness if you get a chance to be in Hindu College:

1. Please the “Damdami Mata”: Celebrating Valentine’s Day in its most unique manner, the hostel students of Hindu come together to worship the Damdami Mata’s poster, hanging on the Virgin tree. Wondering what’s Damdami Mata?

It’s not any goddess that your family missed telling you about. For Hinduites, Damdami Mata is the hottest actress of the year, as voted and elected by the freshers and third years. The tree is decorated every year with colour and water filled ba….Wait! Not balloons, but Condoms!

The belief is to find their Ms. Perfect within six months and losing their virginity within a year of performing the puja. This out-of-the-box celebration is making news round the corner every year and surely raises some eyebrows.

hindu college condom 4 final

2. Dogs will guide you home: At Hindu, dogs are your ultimate guide. You find them in the canteen, corridors, and classrooms and even in the parking near your rides.

These dogs become your companion and only leave you when you step into your lecture rooms. You will often find groups cuddling and hanging out with these cute little fur balls because hanging out with humans is too mainstream, isn’t it?

Hindu Blog Dogs

3. Stephen’s, No Big Deal!: When you hear something as unusual as “getting into St. Stephen’s is no big deal!”, then welcome, you are at Hindu College! The unending rivalry between these two colleges is not a new buzz in the town and frequently you will find memes-war between the Hinduites and Stephanians.

Being located on the either side of the same spot, one can feel the heat of the competition as soon as they enter this area, but make sure you never provoke a Hinduite to talk about the college on the other side of the road, for he will have a truck loads of derogatory (Mostly fake) stories to share.

Hindu Blog Stephens

4. Hot and Cool at the same time, Girlfriend Ban Ja Meri!!: If this dialogue strikes a chord in your head, then you’d be interested to know where it was actually shot. Yes, the very famous scene from Ranbir Kapoor starer Rockstar, where he tries to woo Nargis Fakhri with all his desi swag has been shot in the campus of Hindu college.

Many other scenes from the movie have also been shot in and around the campus, to which the Hinduites take much pleasure in bragging about how grand their college is! So if somebody tells you that this is the bench where Ranbir Kapoor has sat for a scene, believe him!

Hindu Blog Ranbir

5. Stars that Shine: We all know the list of amazing talents that are ruling the showbiz industry, have spent their college days in Delhi University.

Standing in the same league, Omkara and Haider’s director Vishal Bharadwaj, singer Rekha Bharadwaj, veteran actor Manoj Kumar, model and actor Arjun Rampal are all the alumni of Hindu College.

Most importantly, the director of some blockbusters like Jab We Met, Rockstar and Highway, Imtiaz Ali has been a Hinduite himself. Ibtida, the glorious dramatics society of the college was also named by Imtiaz, during his graduation days.

Hindu Blog Arjun Rampal

Their ways could be weird, but the Hinduites are ruling the world and keeping their flag high in all the fields. Lucky enough to grab a seat at Hindu? Gear up for the most fun-filled college days!

Let us know in the comment section what you relate to the most when somebody talks about Hindu College 🙂


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5 Things Every Hindu College Student Will Relate to
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5 Things Every Hindu College Student Will Relate to
Recognized as one of the most distinguished colleges of the University of Delhi, Hindu College is in news in some way or the other. Be it the scenes...
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  1. Sooo true…I can literally relate every instant…And numerous posters signifying the value:
    This is The Hindu: We do not rag!

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