Hindu College Ke Top Bandhu: Notable Alumni


Considered as one of the best Delhi University colleges; both in academics and co-curricular, Hindu College has been churning out some pretty brilliant and talented minds for years now.

Considered as one of the best North Campus colleges under Delhi University, Hindu college has made a huge name for itself amongst students for its courses in science and social sciences. Founded in 1899, Hindu College is located at a distance of 5 minutes from the Vishwavidyalaya metro station.

One of the perks of being a Delhi University student who goes to north campus is the endless options you have for food, accommodation and shopping! From Kamla Nagar market to Hudson lane, you’re sorted, dear one!

However what stands out for Hindu college is the fact that from politically strong figures, social activists and sportsmen to actors, artists and lawyers – it’s one hell of a network for Hinduites!

Here are a few spotlight stealers who attended Hindu College:

1. Mallika Dua A.K.A Shagun Didi

This internet sensation is the talk of the town these days! Daughter of a prominent face in the journalism business, Vinod Dua, this woman has made it big for herself in recent times. Although she worked as a copywriter back in the day, she now has established her name as a comic and entertainer.

From starring as a judge on TV shows to collaborating with AIB, slaying stereotypes; we’ve all encountered her impeccable intellect, wit and charm! Taking her hilarious snapstories, Instagram posts and youtube videos into account – It is humanly impossible for someone to not like that woman.


2. Arjun Rampal

(BRB, need to fantasize for a bit…)

I bet not a lot of you knew that Arjun Rampal, the man of every twenty-something’s dreams went to Hindu College! Actor, producer, model and a television personality – he’s won 12 awards and been nominated for 18 for his absolutely, through the years. Time of India has listed him thrice in its ‘most desirable men’ list. After witnessing that bod in Roy … phew! No surprise there.


3. Imtiaz Ali

The award-winning director and writer, this man is well-known for his films that have managed to break our hearts and make us fall in love; films that we so dearly adore: Jab We Met, Rockstar and Love Aaj Kal to name a few. To quote Geet: ”JUST IMAGINE!” If the direction of those brilliant films wasn’t enough, he founded his own production company that has received critical appreciation for films such as Highway (Randeep Hooda, *droooools*) and Tamasha.

Let’s just drop the facade and agree that our ‘netflix and chill’ comprises of sobbing while watching Nargis die and singing Nadaan Parindey at the top of our voices. Hitting you right in the feels!


4. Arnab Goswami

-Clears throat-

Ahem, we’ve all heard of this one for sure, unless one is living under a rock. Arguably, the most controversial figure as far as Journalism is concerned, Arnab Gosawmi’s is one name that echoes in the ears of every Indian who has ever owned a TV set. The former editor-in-chief for Times Now is the Managing Director, and runs the news for Republic – taking up pressing social issues and anchoring debates, he certainly has left a mark in International and National journalism … and on our eardrums.

The nation surely does know that he went to Hindu College!


5. Gautam Gambhir

Hold your screams, excited humans! Yes, our favourite (okay, okay … second favourite) cricketer went to Hindu College! Must we remind you of the fact that he holds the Arjuna Award and the ICC Test player of the year award?! Amongst many others, of course, but let’s not forget that it was his splendid captaincy that led the Indian towards 6 wins in the ODI (the year 2010-11)!

And it’s a matter of pride that even his cricket coaching, post-graduation, was at Delhi’s Shashtri Academy! Yes, friend, don’t let anyone ever tell you that Gambhir is not our homie (despite his KKR captaincy). -Screams “I love you” repeatedly at the TV screen-


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Hindu College Ke Top Bandhu: Notable Alumni
Article Name
Hindu College Ke Top Bandhu: Notable Alumni
Considered as one of the best Delhi University colleges; both in academics and co-curricular, Hindu College has been churning out some pretty brilliant and talented minds for years now.

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