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Established in the year 1972, Satyawati College is another one of Delhi University top picks when it comes to higher education. Located in Ashok Vihar, this college holds up to the standards maintained by the University of Delhi in delivering courses at both the undergraduate and the graduate level. Named after the revolutionary freedom fighter, Sister (Behan) Satyawati, this college is a breathing legacy of the great men and women responsible for our privileges and comforts today. Joining the league of the likes of Jawaharlal Nehru, Jai Prakash Narain, and Sarojini Naidu – this remarkable woman was the granddaughter of Swami Shraddhanand.


A history that all Delhi university students, especially the ones who go to Satyawati are proud of; this institution proves to be a reminder of our culture and history; one that we must all be profoundly proud of. Mahatma Gandhi himself applauded her for her diligence and called her ‘Toofani Behan’ (Stormy Sister,) something that we believe to be a trait shared by all of her students today. Upholding the same ideals of uprooting poverty and unblinding ignorance, students who go to Satyawati College are known for their undying spirit and creative expertise. We bet you agree with us on this!

Located centrally in our so-adored capital city of Delhi, Ashok Vihar allows connectivity and convenience to the students at Satyawati college and some air to breathe outside the famed university campus. Phew! One ought to be severed from the inundated Delhi University campus to appreciate the true wonder that independent college life is. You can now walk the streets around college, not limited by the options of Hudson or Satya!

Although you are never too far from your friends in South Campus, the centrality adds on to the privilege that makes it convenient to commute to all of Delhi NCR. Gone are the days of feeling up a stranger’s sweat for hours on a metro! The co-ed college has been attracting applications from all over the country for years now; kids dying to be a part of the DU family. And who wouldn’t? Let us tell you why Satyawati College ought to be on the list of preferred colleges:

  1. The Infrastructure and Faculty

All the stormy students at Satyawati would attest to the infrastructural greatness that comes with the college. Famous for its auditoriums and sports facilities, the infrastructure is considered as one of the best under the University of Delhi. Forget about sitting in mundane lecture halls staring at the walls, you have the options of taking a stroll across the campus to he Nescafe bhaiya. Wouldn’t that be the ideal Delhi University summer day? Academics is not the only domain that the college excels in; arts and co-curricular activities make the college stand out as Satyawati offers its students an array of options to choose from. Go hone those skills, bachelor!

If there is something that makes Satyawati College stand out is the hand it extends to all its students, no matter where they come from. From supportive staff and special training for students with disabilities to plenty of scholarships for the deserving! Well structured with a seminar room, a computer lab, and the Dr. Haldar Memorial Library – if books don’t impress you, the room is completely computerized and to save from the scorching heat of summer, fully air-conditioned!

Priding itself as an academic wonder, the college houses ten departments and many courses to pick from. From undergraduate studies to masters, courses in arts, commerce, and science are there at your avail. A brilliant faculty of teachers selected under the Delhi University norms facilitates a super interactive and fun learning environment within those walls of academia! Fret not, kid, you don’t have to worry about good grades so long as you let your thoughts wander.

                    2.Satya auditorium

One of the highlights of Satyawati College is the Satya Auditorium. One a usual day, you’ll walk into the beautiful structure and find some or the other lecture being held or students utilizing that glorious stage for another round of practice. And amongst those dance-offs and mic practices, somewhere lies the essence of college life.

The giant structure has a seating capacity of over 825 students and some of the best lights and sound facilities – you no longer need to be saddened cause of a dull film screening. The Satya auditorium is where you’ll find groups of students hanging out, people falling off the stage and making the fondest memories of college years.


  1. A Gigantic Sports Complex

One of the best trade-ins that work well for the students at Satyawati College is the extremely well-structured sports complex. Proving to be one of the best in Delhi University, the Department of Physical Education is famed across colleges for providing excellent guidance and training to students interested in all forms of sports. This double-storey building is located on campus, highlighting the beauty of that pitch that is so famous. The lush ground that is taken care of for sports activities comes with one of the best cricket pitches on a university ground. The annual Sandeep Suri Memorial Cricket Tournament is something you must look forward to. Make a run for it, girl!


And the best bit you ask? The facilities are not limited to only a certain group of kids; supportive training helps differently-abled students to also win laurels to their name both nationally and internationally! Way to go, Satyawati College!

  1. Satisfy the God of Creativity

  • Utkarsh – The art and culture society

This committee is single-handedly ready to unleash the talent of students, however, hidden it may be. The source of zest for the college with musical and dance performances throughout the academic year, it adds zing to the college life. The students are acclaimed dancers and well-versed singers, which is visible from the accolades and hearts they have successfully won by entering various inter-college competitions.

  • Abhivaykti – the debating society

Quick thinking, sound argument, and confident speaking. These are the paramount advantages that one can gain out of debating – and Abhivakyti has successfully done so. They regularly arrange intra, inter-college as well as national level debate competitions in not just Hindi or English, but also Sanskrit and Urdu. They provide an intellectual platform to discuss relevant issues from different spheres of society, be it history, politics, current events, sports, law or everyday life. The students have successfully represented the college in many such debates, be it intra or inter-college level events.

  • ‘The Third Act’- Dramatics Society

Perhaps one of the most active and vivacious societies that the college has to offer, “The Third Act” has redefined the meaning of college theatre. They host many lectures, theatre workshops, and drama productions to introduce a platform to all the students who are willing to channel their emotions as creatively as possible. Many hidden gems have been successfully discovered and harnessed, who have given some of the most ground-breaking performances. With a beautiful room in Block A to boast off, the students are at peace to conduct workshops and work even harder to win laurels for the college.

  • Film Society

The film society may be one of the finest features of the college. Using movies and documentaries as a source to propagate learning and bring together different ideas and perspectives, they have helped students develop an understanding which may well be beyond academic curriculum. They regularly meet for screenings which are followed by a healthy discussion of ideas, helping build a deeper understanding.

  • Photography Society

This off-the-age hobby has found many a lover in college and has successfully transitioned into a society. They conduct many seminars for interested students, showing them different facets of the world through a single lens. From your everyday selfie lover to a nature craver, everyone is free to join and share the joy!


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Have You Heard About Satyawati College?
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Have You Heard About Satyawati College?
Established in the year 1972, Satyawati College is another one of Delhi University top picks when it comes to higher education.
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