Hansraj College Alumni that made it to the Throne!


The iconic Delhi University college that is celebrated across the globe for its academic brilliance; Hansraj college proves to be conducive to personal growth and creating paths -for young minds- worth treading on. The neverending list of prodigies that have attended Hansraj college is akin to everyone who has ever (basically, all of us?) wished to be on it – barring their popularity and fandom, of course.

Established in 1948 by the DAV College Managing Committee to commemorate the prominent Indian educator Mahatma Hansraj, Hansraj college is one of the best constituent Delhi University colleges in India for courses in science, commerce and arts. Centrally located in North Campus, it’s a convenient 5 minutes ride from Vishwavidyalaya metro station.

Just in case you had forgotten, we’ve come to your rescue with a list to remind you of the names that carry power and intellectual genius:

1. Baadshah

… SRK, we mean.

*ukulele plays in the backdrop*

We’re absolutely certain that we need no unwarranted words to reach that optimal, perfect tareef for the king of Bollywood! -flaunts a dimple and stands with arms wide open-

We’ve grown up obsessing over the Rahuls and Rajs of our dreams, often forgetting that the prototype went to Hansraj college! Dilli-boy who made a name – an eternal one at that- of his own accord, if he doesn’t inspire your giddy novice heart, nothing truly will.

Dil toh paagal hai hi, so why not keep his perseverance and diligence in minds as we set off on our respective ways to fandom? And who knows, one day we might bump into our Rahul/Anjali on campus.


2. Anurag Kashyap

Unabashedly individualistic in his views; a controversial director who is famous for his bold and ingenious films and his splendid direction, also his collaboration with AIB (hilarious stuff, FYI) – Mister Kashyap here went to Hansraj College back in the day, before he set foot in the industry. From The Girl in Yellow Boots to Raman Raghav 2.0, his creative work with thriller has been unparalleled, to an extent that he was awarded the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters) in 2013 by the Government of France.

3. Lobsang Sangay

A.K.A ‘King-Hearted Lion,’ Lobsong is the president of Central Tibetan Administration (Tibetan Government in Exile.)

Born to a Darjeeling refugee family, Lobsang has defied millions of voices that undermine candour and continues to represent a conflict-region with pride. After completing his education from Delhi University, he went to study further at Harvard on full scholarship – coming back to his homeland, standing strong as the harbinger of hope to the awaiting many.


4. Vinod Dua

Lit-grad, The Padma Shri awardee – Vinod Dua is one of the most prominent names that strikes one as one surfs through the history of Indian journalism. A veteran journalist, he has witnessed and actively engaged with the transition as a journalist, anchor, analyst, producer and director! If you want to be radical, headstrong with an andaaz of your own, he’s the person to look up to; go feed your intellectually hungry minds!

5. Aarti Bajaj

People who put up strings often faint once the lights are turned on. One such string of lights is Aarti – a film editor who has edited many a script that perpetuate creative genius and wonder! To name a few astonishing works: Highway, Rockstar, Love Aaj kal and JAB WE MET! Yes! We never quite pay attention to the psych minds that go to work when such films are set into motion. She has edited over 25 film scripts and by god, she’s quite a favourite!

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Hansraj College Alumni that made it to the Throne!
Article Name
Hansraj College Alumni that made it to the Throne!
Hansraj college proves to be conducive to personal growth and creating paths for young minds worth treading on. We’ve come with a list of alumni to remind you of the names that carry power and intellectual genius.

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