Friends Call You Anything But Your Name!

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When a child is born, parents put a lot of thought in naming their kid. What do they know of the fact that he/she will never be called by that name. These days it has become a trend, to call your friends anything but their names.

So let’s take a look at some of the ‘phenomenal’ and ’embarrassing’ things your friends end up calling you.

  1. Bae:
    This acronym for ‘Before Anyone Else’ is hot and trendy these days. Instagram feeds are filled with captions and hashtags like “You are my bae”, “Bae for life” and all the teeny tiny tales.
  2. Bro:
    “Bro chill”. Ah this is universal. You know a person since a couple of days and bang, you start calling him/her your bro.
    Bro Code is what you live by and Bro Code is what you die for. Warning: Some girls however don’t like to be called bro by guys. So keep it in mind the next time you say it.
  1. Bitches:
    “My bitches”, “Hey Yo, Bitch!” have become so popular and the most astonishing part is that people actually like to be called by this word. Like it or not, you gotta admit it sounds cool!
  2. Yaar:
    “Arrey yaar”, “Abbe yaar”, “Yaar tu chinta na kr, main hu na”, often rings in our heads even while we are deep asleep. #YaarBinaChaenKahanRe
  3. Bff:
    Our ‘Chuddy Buddy’ friends are the most amazing bunch of people with whom we have shared some amazing memories.
    You know that they are always going to be there, no matter what. Hence, ‘Best Friends Forever’ is the one thing they deserve being called.
  4. Bhaai:
    Bhaai is warm, bhaai is trust worthy, bhaai is one you look out for, everytime you are in trouble. “Bhaai jugaad karade”, “Bhaai chill krte hai” and what not, are the things you say to your loved ones.
  5. Your ‘last’ name of course:
    If you have that one ‘out of the world’ surname, then hold your breath for all the leg pulling to come.
    Yes forget everything else, your surname is what you are going to be called by for your life time.

And this list can go on forever. At CoHo find like-minded people to gel with and come up with as many imaginative names as you can for your loved ones.
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Do you call your friends by some even cooler name? If yes, comment below, we would love to hear all the more imaginative stuff you have come up with to call your loved ones.


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2 thoughts on “Friends Call You Anything But Your Name!

  1. This is something which has happened with every other person…I have got my own name by my group and that happened due to a wrong pronunciation of my name and it has remained the same after that..Sometimes I feel they have forgotten my real name even..

  2. haha.. I myself use like all of them.. One of the friend’s surname is Jamunpane (not at all common), and I cannot remember the last time when I called him by his first name..

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