Flexi Hours – Transforming The Work Space

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Up until the 20th Century the professional and the personal space had been consciously delineated to produce the space of work in the form of an office and the space of leisure as the home. Fixed timings designated the employee’s occupation of the two spaces.

But with changing times and social configurations these neat homogenous divisions do not seem to suffice anymore.

Companies are making conscious efforts to allow imbrications of the two by trying out various space and time combinations to ensure optimum productivity and convenience for their employees.

A characteristic example of this is the introduction of flexi hours to the corporate lexicon.

Flexi hours- a derivative of flexible hours, as the name suggests is an attempt by companies to move beyond the 9 to 5 schedule that had as of now characterized the workspace.

Attempts along various lines characterize implementation of flexi hours. Philips recently began allowing its employees to work from home if they arrive at the office and do not find space for parking.

Bengaluru’s SAP Labs on the other hand, do not keep a track of the employee work hours. Employees can enter and exit the office according to their convenience and work requirement.

Other companies explore possibilities such as – multiple timing slots, working from home etc.

The techniques are different but every company is trying to find innovative ways to beat the clock and adjust with the needs and problems of the modern day employee.

This also helps deal with contemporary problems such as smaller office spaces and traffic problems especially in the metro cities.

Companies in fact are also benefiting from their investment in flexi hours. It creates a healthier work environment as no employee is forcefully bound by the four walls of the office;

it is also extremely productive especially for introverts to work in spaces of comfort and isolation. Hence, this negotiation with working hours and spaces is reaping benefits and creating more possibilities both for the employees and employers.

With the surge in companies adopting flexi hours techniques it has become even more important to live in a comfortable place because you might just find yourself using that space even for work.

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2 thoughts on “Flexi Hours – Transforming The Work Space

  1. Flexi Hours make work a hell lot easier..If you sleep late you can come to office late and vice versa…It also helps in getting out the best in you as you are working when you can be most productive..

  2. The important thing to keep in mind is not to treat flexi time like part time. The flexi time trick is used to ensure that people dont start associating boredom and monotony to coming to the office at the same time of the day. Its an amazing concept really. people can contribute when they feel like it as long as they meet their working targets.

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