FERIA – The Annual Cultural Fest of Institute of Home Economics


One of the very few colleges that offer an array of courses to women, Institute of Home Economics is one of the many pillars that Delhi university bases its credibility on. Splendid courses in arts and the sciences are available for females to choose from.

From gerontology to fabric science, biochemistry to journalism – it’s a different new world, indeed!

Founded in 1961, Institute of Home Economics is located in the heart of South Delhi: Hauz Khas.We’re all well aware of the mystical land that Delhi promises by alluding us to South Campus. The charm of South Campus is one that doesn’t fade no matter the rust on the centuries-old structures that still stand tall. Alas, we cannot but love it! Lest you get lost in the sweet reverie that reminds you of your college years, let’s get back to additions that must make it to your personal mental diaries. Institute of Home Economics, also known as IHE, is one such highlight one should not miss when speaking of South Campus.


Despite existing in the most hep area in Delhi NCR, the South Campus Institute of Home Economics has a little bit of something that it brings to all college-goers every year. Put your thinking cap on, newbie! Cause if you aren’t aware of Feria, you’re in for the best shock of your life.

Institute of Home Economics has made a name for itself on the basis of an unsurpassable education standard and environment. People all around the capital city are in awe of the spectacular women who graduate from this campus. But hey, don’t get us wrong. We love books and intellectual growth … but there’s more. Get your party clothes out, folks, we’re going to FERIA-2018!

The annual cultural fest is one of the biggest in all of Delhi and every year, the number of people who attend it pretty much quadruples – all for good reason, young one. Symbolising the multiplicities in cultures and sprawling talents, the hues of university life and thousand of undertones add to the vibrancy of these novice brilliant minds! Students going to different colleges and universities from all over the country show up for the fest.

And rightly so, with an expected footfall of around 7 thousand per year, it guarantees one’s attention for sure. Phew!

Captivating as this sounds to students, let us introduce to you the bright and glamourous FERIA, the annual cultural fest of Institute of Home Economics, Delhi. Add these reasons, pick from the box and add them to your list before you RSVP for the coming year:

  1. Raag – The Music Competition

Prepare your ears to be completely enthralled by the notes and tunes that resonate forever. Introducing artists and tyros from all around the country, the music festival is a symphony of beautiful sounds and styles. Students participate in the various events to compete with other artists, and what a true delight it is to be an observer if not a participant. Different categories that students and groups can take part through are:

Sur Sangam – an amalgamation of voices that comes together to form a beautiful whole like no other. Choir singing competition for music societies from Delhi University and other colleges, groups ought to participate in this.

Alankaar – A similar competition working on similar techniques, but comprising of light choir. Alankaar is especially one to attend if you are there to confront some of the nicest voices found in Delhi University.

Octave – For all the Adeles and the Ed Sheeran’s of Delhi University, Octave is the platform for you to enter the world of fandom! Solo singing just dropped the act of nerves and turned into a whole lot of fun. So prepare your vocal chords to swing to the western sound, step out of that bathroom and don’t roll in the deep…JK, guys.


  1. Eclalier – Literary and Spoken Arts

No Institute of Human Economics Fest can commence without a round of verbose people going at each other! If you’re someone who likes to opine your views on the basis of intellect – combine it with a little skill and find your place in the maidaan! Put your best and most influential tactics, the swirl of the tongue, a confident voice and that sharp brain to use and we’ll present the various options for your taste!

Debate – Well, well, well. Let’s just it’s a good way to blow off some steam!

Quiz – All you nerds hiding behind the stereotypes, come out here and play. This one’s for you to flaunt to the world the mastery over the language, time utilization, and knowledge. Encompassing most skills into one event, let this be a fun day to hone that tiny brain so full of wonder!

Slam poetryFills up space with an eccentric rhyme.

Online creative writing competition – Two words: Lazy writers. Get your laptops out, this is a dream.


  1. Nautanki- Street Play

One of the most revolutionary ways to address societal concerns and political issues, you can’t talk Delhi University without the mention of Street Play! Those black shirts and red scarves don’t belong to the dark alleys of your wardrobe. Get them out to bring new light to this modern world of the aware citizen!


  1. Flames – Fashionistas, get, set, walk!

One must never question the honest face one confronts in a mirror. And if you can walk, well the stage is set, hotness. Relive your childhood omnipotence, your teenage dream, and your adulthood ideal as you wear your best piece of clothing, set that hair, and walk that marvelous stage. Institute of Home Economics’ campus glows in brightness with this event. One that comes with tackling social issues with poise, these talented young adults manage to shine just right.


  1. Creativity, dance and everything else!

If you’re planning to attend a Delhi University fest that doesn’t cater to the artistic soul, you’re hugely mistaken. From Rangoli to calligraphy, rest assured, Institute of Home Economics will take good care of that undying creativity. Dancers better be prepared for group and solo performances, the stage has been set in gasoline! If not for dancers and artists, the campus is prepared every year to host a talent hunt show to augment the participation of students with each event.

  1. The big Cultural Evening

Yes, we saved the most tempting one for the last. Institute of Home Economics has showcased stars year after year, surprising its adored students with the absolute brilliance of these celebrities. Jazzy B, Badshah, Hardy Sandhu and Milind Gaba are only a few names who have starred the past events for IHE at FERIA. It’s pretty much the best incentive for college students to make it to Delhi University fests. So are we ready for the festive season, guys?


Delhi University college fests offer a much needed academic break for all students who work day in and day out to deserve a few nights of solace. February and March happen to be those months of Spring that bring hope before the final exams. We know how many wishes go unheard due to inaccessibility of commute or housing after late nights dancing with the stars. Enticing this, apart from the arduous hours spent at college campuses and libraries trying to get your grades right, there must come some respite in the form of cultural fests! Don’t sob, don’t sob… CoHo to the rescue!

We’ll not leave you struggling in the middle of these creative endeavors looking for an affordable, homely and luxurious accommodation. You don’t have to look too far, little one. Pack your bags and let us help you adjust to this colorful world called university life.

We bring to you the best rooms and dorms in South Campus to help facilitate what is going to be the best memories of your college life! Check out coho.in for a home away from home, and go take that walk down to a FERIA lit campus, never miss a lecture again, and never worry about making it to the metro station before rush hours – knowing that you’re coming back to security and comfort.


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FERIA - The Annual Cultural Fest of Institute of Home Economics
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FERIA - The Annual Cultural Fest of Institute of Home Economics
One of the few colleges that offer an array of courses to women, Institute of Home Economics is one pillar that Delhi university bases its credibility on.
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