CoHo Women Fabulously Vain With VanityCube

Exclusive Offers From Vanity Cube

Every woman finds herself caught up in the modern day hustle bustle. They rarely allow themselves time to relax and pamper their body. Even if they can find the time, making the effort to go to a salon and wait in a line is the last thing one would enjoy.  VanityCube comes to the rescue with its personalized and convenient beauty services on the go.

The website allows users to register for beauty treatments between 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and avail the chosen services at their home, office or any other place of their convenience.

It also offers same day services which allows users to not only enjoy relaxing beauty treatments whenever they want to but also renders the required beauty help before a party or a wedding.

The services are available in multiple areas in both Delhi and Mumbai with assistance from expert beauty professionals. Clients can also use the chat to book option on the website and get answers to all their queries.

The website offers services in makeup, hair, facial and many others at very economical rates. So forget about driving long distances for the ideal beauty treatment and find every service you need right at your doorstep.

VanityCube is also CoHo’s privilege partner and CoHo women get assured access to exclusive offers from VanityCube.

A CoHo house is also the most relaxing and comfortable place for beauty treatments of all kinds. Because as VanityCube says ‘it’s not about pampering anymore; it’s about taking care of you.’

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2 thoughts on “CoHo Women Fabulously Vain With VanityCube

  1. This looks really nice..Although it is no use to me, I would definitely suggest my FEMALE friends to have a visit there…They will get themselves treated and I will get my treat..

  2. I have a friend who is constantly fuzzing about vanity related issues and sometimes i seriously wonder if there is anything in her life other than that. since she is a user of coho, i can finally show her this and let the demon satisfy the wants. Happy vanity-ing to her!

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