Celebrate Life At Sutra Gastropub

Exclusive Offers From Sutra Gastropub

CoHo takes care of all its residents needs. From furnishing, housekeeping to general everyday house repairs which leaves every CoHo with plenty of time on their hands so that they don’t have to use any occasion as an excuse to go out and celebrate.
CoHo residents celebrate life, especially with one of CoHo’s privilege partners Sutra Gastropub located in the posh and hippy cyber hub in Gurgaon.

The place with its plush wooden seating running over a well lit expanse is an ideal location for dates and relaxed hangouts with friends. It has both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements and you can choose depending on your preference and the mood of the day.

Both areas have a cosy, comfortable and elegant ambience. The live music throughout the week featuring modern, classic rock bands & sufi, fusion & bollywood bands neither makes you doze off nor hurts your ears, it both pumps you up on a lazy night and is also mellow enough to allow intimate conversations.

Sutra Gastropub is especially famous for its gastronomical delight with the sweet dishes being particular favourites among customers.

It serves the scintillating trio of European, American and Mediterranean cuisines which is well laid out is its colourful eye catching menu.

To add to all this, the place also has a lounge bar with expert bartenders who will serve you just the right cocktail to make your night even more marvellous.

Customers can also follow the event schedule on the website so that they don’t miss out on a single night of pleasure. CoHo residents can avail exclusive offers from Sutra Gastropub. So, switch to CoHo and celebrate without a cause at Sutra Gastropub. Find the best rooms to rent in  Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi.


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5 thoughts on “Celebrate Life At Sutra Gastropub

  1. Chalo Chalo…This one looks really awesome..new party place found at Gurgaon and it is pretty cool to chill out..

  2. This is going to be our next hangout place..
    I just love places with wooden seating..Live music is like cherry on the cake..
    Yaaron, kab chalna hai??

  3. This just keeps getting better and better for people at COHO. what more can you ask for? amazing accommodation quality and privilege partnership with Sutra. someone was correct in saying that good things can only get better if you go in the right direction and coho is certainly on the right track!!

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