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Going out to eat with friends is delightful, what is even more delightful is walking out of the restaurant with zero hassle over the payment of the bill. Realistically speaking, splitting the bill can get difficult when you are out with a big group. Keeping track of change money and who owes whom can get particularly taxing and ruin regular dine outs.

SplitKart brings its customers an easy way to split the bill and keep track of individual and group expenditure so that no meal ends with a frown.

SplitKart is a mobile application created with the purpose to make sharing food and paying for it more manageable and fun.

It helps users feed in the meal expenditure data, splits the bill and keeps track of spending. Not just this, the application also makes going out easier by helping users plan their outing.

It keeps the user updated with special offers and discounts in restaurants across the city so that your group of buddies does not spend undue time planning an outing and has enough energy to enjoy it.

The app also allows easy bill payment with mobile. Users can also share their experiences and post selfies directly onto social networking sites and preserve their outing memories.

SplitKart is also CoHo’s privilege partner and CoHo residents can avail exclusive offers from SplitKart on the app.

CoHo introduces individuals not only to the best roommates, but through SplitKart also allows them to have a gala time with their newly made friends without worrying about the location or the bill.

CoHo residents, as Splitkart says, don’t flip but split the restaurant bill. Find the best rooms on rent in Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi.

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  1. I think this is a wonderful app to keep in records the spending that are taking place..Sometimes it becomes really difficult in maintaining the records and at that moment this app will be of great help to maintain your accounts..

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