Robust flavours at Smokey’s BBQ & Grill!

Exclusive Offers From Smokeys

Smokey’s Barbeque and Grill is the ideal go to place for every young professional in the city. Out of all the invigorating possibilities that the city offers, Smokey’s is the most promising eating joint for all individuals who like to relax after a hard day’s work.

It brings to the table a myriad of American and European cuisines that are dressed to the T and delight the eye as much as they do the tongue.

The place has a calming and relaxing ambience and the music is just right for a perfect time out with friends. Smokey’s offers the perfect barbeque experience with authentic sauces and enriching salads.

The place also offers a full bar and a smoking area so to make the place comfortable for all customers with varied preferences.

It is particularly famous for its jar based cocktails that offers you just the right poison you would need for the day.

Smokey’s is also CoHo’s privilege partner. CoHo residents receive special discounts and are kept updated with the running exclusive offers from Smokeys.

CoHo residents can have the perfect Smokey’s dine-in experience and also order in and eat in the comfort of their perfectly furnished CoHo houses.


CoHo provides you with quality homes, community and hassle-free experience, so that you don't just exist but start living!

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3 thoughts on “Robust flavours at Smokey’s BBQ & Grill!

  1. Oh Teri!!!! How could I miss this??? But the good thing is this weekend’s dinner place has been set..It looks really nice and they have a variety of food in their menu..

  2. you had me at barbeque and grill. I have always been a fan of barbecue and grills. and having eaten at smokey’s, its a wonderful place. plus the fact that there are discounts for coho residents sounds like a match made in heaven.!

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