Shuttl Makes Travelling Easier At CoHo

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The odd even road rationing scheme, better public transportation, increase in the number metro stations, Delhi NCR constantly tussles for better accessibility of spaces. With an increased need for better systems of transportation, Shuttl comes to the rescue with its air conditioned bus service. The service not only allows easy access it also comes at a highly economical price.

Use of private vehicles is being discouraged quite rightly but what alternative is the daily commuter left with. But with Shuttl you no longer have to wait for overcrowded buses at stations or worry about your safety.

The mobile based application solves your daily commute issues within minutes. Running across all major routes in Delhi the Shuttl minibuses allow passengers to travel sweat free. You will find solutions to all your travel predicaments at the tips of your fingers.

The service spans over areas like Noida, Uttam Nagar, Dwarka, Vasant Vihar, Noida etc. It also allows commuters to suggest the route from their home location to work location which the minibus service would then incorporate in its plans.

Shuttl also supports the global initiative ‘Car Free Travel’ which encourages people to abandon their cars for a day and switch to public modes of transportation.

It does not just give lip service to the initiative but by presenting an alternative mode of transportation allows people to lock down their personal vehicles for good.

Shuttl is also CoHo’s privilege partner. CoHo attempts to make life easier for its residents. In a place like Delhi NCR where one has to move around for work and leisure, creating easy movement between spaces is the key to making life convenient for people.

CoHo residents can avail exclusive offers on Shuttl rides and move out in style. So switch to CoHo now for #BetterLiving. Amazing flats on rent now available in Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi.

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