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With clothes, electronic gadgets, furniture, books and even food finding their way to our doorstep it is indeed a blessing to have medicine the bandwagon. Pluss responds to one of the most basic requirements of the modern day individual by creating easy access to medicines.

It proposes a one click answer to all your medicine related emergencies. From basic everyday medicinal requirements to prescription specific drugs Pluss provides it all.

The facility is easily available both as a website and as a mobile, bringing all your medicinal needs to the tips of your fingers.

You can easily upload a picture of your prescription and get a delivery of the listed medicines on the same day. PlussApp also catalogues other objects of daily requirement under categories like pet care, personal wellness, daily essentials and baby care.

While personal wellness has sub categories like Health drinks, feminine hygiene, first aid, pain relief and others, daily essentials offer everything from oral care and eye care to to products of personal hygiene.

To add to this it allows customers to select from a wide range of medical tests taking its medical services to an unparalleled level.

Pluss is also CoHo’s privilege partner and CoHo residents can avail exclusive offers from Pluss on all purchases.

CoHo takes care of all its residents’ needs and gives them enough reason to stay healthy and happy but for certain unfortunate days there is always PlussApp to make them feel better.


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2 thoughts on “Feel Better with PlussApp

  1. Its much needed it times of emergency. Some places have no immediate access to medical stores / pharmacies in gurgaon. PlussApp bridges that gap by providing such helpful services.

  2. It is of great help when you are in emergency. Also people coming new to a place it will be of great help to them as they will get to know the place where to go during the time of emergency and the medicine places will be easily available.

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