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If you are one of the many people who have had to go out and buy new clothes because all your existing ones are in the laundry bag then OneClickWash is a boon for you.

Times are past when one had to break ones back and wash dirty clothes with their hands, the washing machine makes the job infinitely easier. But it is still not easy enough to encourage young working professionals to take their laundry bag and detergent to the machine and take the dirt for a ride.

Consequentially new clothes pile up in the closet while dirty ones rot in the laundry bag. OneClickWash bring to Gurgaon the quick and economical laundry service it desperately needs.

The service provides laundry at astoundingly feasible rates such as one month laundry (wash, dry and iron) per person for 800 and 1400 for a family and even at Rs. 10 per piece. All the user needs to do is fill up a form and schedule a pickup.

It provides door to door efficient service ensuring that you never have to keep looking out of your window for the laundry-wallah.

OneClickWash is one of CoHo’s privilege partners and CoHo residents can avail exclusive offers from OneClickWash. While CoHo ensures that all its residents live in a extremely comfortable environment, OneClickWash makes sure that they always feel good with fresh, clean and well ironed clothes. So make those dirty clothes disappear with just a click.

At CoHo we have tie-ups with many more amazing statups like innerchef, LivMore and many more.



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2 thoughts on “Easy Laundry with OneClickWash

  1. With the work timings and amount if work it becomes hard or rather a headache to do laundry. For someone to get it done for you and picked up as well, is a very helpful thing. So now u can live those precious moments to their worth without worrying about laundry.

  2. The service is so great..After whole week’s hardships you don’t feel like washing your clothes..The one day you get it is for relaxing and chilling out..so oneclickwash gives you a great chance of just asking them to pick up your clothes and get it cleaned..It makes life a hell lot easier..

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