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Every time somebody says let’s eat healthy, most people imagine mashed potatoes and boiled vegetables. The cringe worthy bland and tasteless image makes everyone want to avoid healthy food altogether.

But LivMore with its diverse range of healthy and tasty dishes brings to the food lovers a healthy body without compromising on those taste buds. Its delicious menu is a clear evidence that we’ve always been doing healthy all wrong,

LivMore offers delicious food which is not just nutritious but also extremely pocket friendly. It’s veg soups and salads are all priced below a meager Rs. 100.

The menu also lists a wide range of dishes such as- spaghetti, pulao, stuffed fish, stuffed chicken breast, paneer tikka, and to top it all it even has healthy dessert such as eggless chocolate trio, orange mousse, pineapple pastry etc.

The place also allows home delivery with minimum delivery time so that you don’t just get your food healthy but you also get it fresh.

LivMore is also CoHo’s privilege partner and CoHo residents can avail exclusive offers from LivMore. The service is especially beneficial for everyday working professionals and college goers who tend to pick up food from the street.

Eating healthy ensures a substantial increase in energy levels.  CoHo knows that healthy doesn’t have to be pathetic and hence, CoHo residents not just live more but also live better with LivMore.



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  1. It becomes really difficult to make or cook food when you are outside your home.. The best thing you can do is to is have food from LivMore…they are really tasty and healthy food which is required in the time of urgency..

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