Obsessed with food? CoHo partner InnerChef is right at your service.

Exclusive Offers From InnerChef

Food is not just an essential commodity that we consume to keep ourselves alive but it has rather become an experience worth relishing. Everyone is a food lover these day.

There are a multitude of cuisines that have become popular over the years in India. From Chinese to Italian, the demand for food is ever increasing.

CoHo.in’s privilege partner InnerChef is one amazing platform that is passionate about giving the ultimate food experience to its customers and helping them #eatbetter.

By leveraging technology they are striving to provide food that is fresh, delicious and wholesome and is delivered to your doorstep in one hour delivery slots.

InnerChef is built on two values: sharing food with your loved ones and creating lasting happiness in every mouthful. With European, Mediterranean and modern Indian dishes on its menu, InnerChef specializes in exotic salads with low-cal dressings (must try!), wholesome Panini and salad combos (bestsellers!), comforting pastas, scrumptious snacks (huge selection!) and decadent desserts (their lemon cake is to die for!)

InnerChef offers meals in two formats: Ready-to-Eat and Ready-to-Cook. Ready-to-Eat as name suggests is ready to be eaten up!

Ready-to-Cook range is more suited for home-cooking where InnerChef does all the legwork right from washing, chopping and prepping all the ingredients, salad dressings, spreads, sauces etc.

and all you have to do is – simply follow the recipe and voila, a hot and delicious dish is waiting for you!

Indulge by InnerChef, is a first-of-its-kind hyperlocal desserts marketplace where talented home bakers and neighbourhood bakeries can offer their products to millions of customers across the country.

Mouth-watering already? Don’t hold on. CoHo residents can now avail exclusive offers from InnerChef through our partnership with them.

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3 thoughts on “Obsessed with food? CoHo partner InnerChef is right at your service.

  1. This is simply brilliant, if i am feeling lazy, i can order ready to eat and if i am feeling elated and energetic, i can order for the ready to cook option. No matter what i choose, ingredients are available at my doorstep.I don’t have to worry about food, which in my opinion, no one should.

  2. This is one of the best thing that had happened. Being a foodie it becomes so easy for me to order food of various cusine and had yummy food whether it is ready to cook or ready to eat as per my choice..

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