Scratch the Burger itch with Burger Singh

Exclusive Offers From Burger Singh

A perfectly made burger delights not just the stomach but the soul, it is unforgettable and you can never get enough of it. All burger lovers could relate to Marshall from How I met Your Mother when he went sprinting through the city looking for his perfect burger.

Kabir Jeet Singh, Nipun Soodan and Nitin Rana recognized the need for a meticulously created burger for Indian burger enthusiasts and came up with the now hugely popular Burger Singh.

Burger Singh is a quick service restaurant which serves big burgers with Indian spices at economical rates because for every Indian price per bite is always the biggest concern.

It is also a one of its king ‘craft burger’ service that brings the passion and authenticity of a craft beer to their burgers.

With tempting patty options of paneer, chicken, potato and mutton, the service addresses the needs of all kinds of burger lovers.

Their special moose shots are hugely popular and the illustration of a moose at gunpoint is a sure sign of the innovativeness they bring to their work.

Each burger is handcrafted and created with military precision keeping the taste preferences of Indian customers in mind.

To add a cherry to the burger, the service also provides all night delivery with the minimum delivery order being a meagre Rs. 50. Burger Singh is also CoHo’s privilege partner which allows CoHo residents to avail exclusive offers from Burger Singh.

Burger Singh ensures that a CoHo resident never goes with a Burger itch that is not scratched. Find the best places to rent with in Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi.

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One thought on “Scratch the Burger itch with Burger Singh

  1. When you are hungry jus imagine what the feeling is? It just makes you feel helpless and you need some good food..The burgers at Burger Singh are really tasty and it is of the highest order and your hand itch to have that..

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