5 Essentials to Carry on any Urgent Trip!

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Digital nomads are in the making across the globe. With the wave of startups taking rounds, the work culture is revolutionizing at a phenomenal pace. You are working at one place at a time and the next minute you get to know that you have to go for a meeting at another place on the next day.

With this urgency you often end up forgetting things. Fortunately after reading this blog you will not. So go on and take a look at 5 essentials that you must carry for any trip!

1. Your documents:

No matter where you are going, do carry an identity card whether it is your PAN card, Voter’s ID or Passport.

These are not only required in times of trouble but are a security that you belong to a place that you vouch for. It is better to carry these light papers rather than end up in heavy legal hassles.

2. Toothbrush

You can live without bathing, hair wash, shave, etc. for a few days but to live without brushing your teeth is next to impossible. People often forget to carry their toothbrush and then end up hunting for one. So don’t be one of them!

3. Gadgets

In today’s technology driven world we just cannot imagine our lives without gadgets. Phone, tablet, laptop, camera are our lifeline. And if you are a digital nomad and you miss out of any of these, then God forbid but you may end up commenting suicide.

4. Chargers

The most irritating part about a trip ends up being that you forget to carry chargers or battery for your laptop, phone or camera. Don’t let your trip be spoiled by this minute missout on things and do carry them along.

5. Cash

You might think that if we have a debit/credit card then why carry cash in today’s digitised world. But you might be wrong. In case of an urgent trip you might end up at a place about which you know nothing and an urgent requirement for cash can be replaced with nothing.

So keep in mind to carry at least some good amount of cash while going on any rendezvous. Yes this is it. You can live with one pair of clothes that you are already wearing and with the cash you can purchase every other thing.

However the few things mentioned above are a must for survival and you will be very grateful to carry them anywhere across the globe. So go on and have a nice journey, digital nomad!

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5 Essentials to Carry on any Urgent Trip!
Article Name
5 Essentials to Carry on any Urgent Trip!
Digital nomads are in the making across the globe. With the wave of startups taking rounds, the work culture is revolutionising at a phenomenal pace.
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9 thoughts on “5 Essentials to Carry on any Urgent Trip!

  1. I think along with the above things we should also keep a pouch for basic cosmetics like face wash, mouth wash, lip balm and face wipes. Considering we spend a lot of time traveling, its important to look fresh in our meetings!

  2. I think the most essential items might be subjective, to each his own. According to me, there is a very critical item that people forget to carry. The item in question is chocolate bars/glucose. It might sound quite trivial but during intense working hours and fast schedule, your body takes a hit. And when you need to keep carrying on with this, there is no other option but to have some quick bites. What better option than the quick energy of the bars?

  3. The essential things that we need to carry is subjective. One essential thing I think that I should have carried is a bottle of water because you never know where you will be landing up and a sip of water is always necessary.

  4. 1) cash
    2) medicine
    3) toiletry
    4) food
    5) documents
    You dont want to mess up your health no matter how urgent your trip is.

  5. Very interesting list and comments. I guess every body have some thing on priority, as a vegetarian whenever I travel I always carry some packed microwave food; just in case I am unable to get veg food on the first day of arrival, always saves money and extra efforts to be spent.

  6. I have been to many place recently. one thing I would suggest everyone is to carry a map of that place. It can be in digital form or on a piece of paper. But a map is always very useful. It often helps you find places that are not very popular but a treat to visit.

    • I wish I had read this blog before my recent trip where I forgot to carry my ID.. 🙁 . I faced so many problems because of this. Now for future purposes I have added this blog to my list.
      Thanks CoHo.

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