End of first semester…Expectations vs Reality!

End of first semester. Expectations vs Reality!/

As the first semester comes to an end, you may have realized that people lied to you when they said ‘study now, have fun later’. For better or worse, college life turns out very different from what you perceived it to be when you were wide-eyed school children.

  • I am the best! Wait, am I?

For most people who made it past the DU cut-off, chances are that you were the smartest kid in your class. You probably thought that that you will continue to shine academically until you realised that all the students in your class were the best and you may have to up your game if you want to compete.



  • We don’t have one book for the subject?

For most of us who came from CBSE, the endless list of readings and the general vagueness of the course structure can be daunting. You probably thought of buying a book for your course until you realised that each module uses separate books and only some parts of the book were used! It is possible that the photocopy boy has better grasp on the reading list than you.



  • Bhaiya, Kamla chaloge?

Bollywood would have us believe that students came to college in fancy bikes and cars that belonged on a F1 track. The reality is that the three wheeled rickshaw is your daily ride. On lucky days, you might even get the electric rickshaw, making you feel like a superstar.



  • Sleep? What is that?

Between classes till 5pm, coaching/ making notes till 7pm and doing laundry and cleaning the house till 8pm, your real day starts at night. A number of things can keep you awake till the wee hours of the morning-spontaneous plans with friends, studying for the next day’s test or even binge watching a show because everyone in your class has seen it. In all this, sleep becomes a novelty that is a welcome rarity.



  • Need.More.Energy

Remember the first day of college? Your eyebrows were on fleek, your clothes were perfect and the shoes looked like they hadn’t seen a day in dirt. You woke up early to make sure your makeup was perfect too. Fast forward to today when you feel lucky just to find a piece of clothing that is not dirty. Makeup has taken a backseat as you dash to make it to class. If you are in a girls college, you are probably going to class in your night suit!



  • Home, sweet? Home

You saw all the video montages and pinterest posts on how to decorate your room. You got the right fairy lights to make that photo collage your mother wouldn’t let you spoil your bedroom wall for. You think this will be a beautiful space. Take a look around now, there are photostat readings all over the place, the only thing on your wall is a reminder that your attendance is low and going to class is not optional anymore.



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Shriya Garg

I'm a thaasophobic bibliophile. And I really like big words. Running the final lap of the CA race. A proud DU grad, currently trying to prove that a career in writing can exist! Author of two published books, with a third one on the way.

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End of first semester. Expectations vs Reality!/
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End of first semester. Expectations vs Reality!/
College life not what you expected it to be? Join the club of students fresh out of their first semester wondering the same.
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