Easy Everyday Food Hacks!

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Food is the most basic of all human impulses and without life saving food hacks a young professional can find herself/ himself stuck in the kitchen for hours with injured fingers and a grumbling stomach. So here is a list of some basic food hacks that will keep food simple as it is supposed to be

  • Make your bananas last longer– If you don’t own refrigerator or are just tired of your bananas growing stale every two days, this hack is a life savior. Tightly wrap the ends of your bananas in a plastic wrap and watch their life-span increase to almost a week.

Shared Apartments in Gurgaon

  • Chop onions without crying– Onions have caused more tears than heartbreaks. So, cut your onions under a stream of running water to save your breath and your tears.

Shared Apartments in Gurgaon

  • Blow your candle and floss your cake– Do you find yourself looking yearningly at the cake smeared knife as you place it in the sink and crying a little over the wasted cake.
    Well, drop the knife and pick up a dental floss to cut your cake and you shall never waste another morsel again.

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  • Chocolate bowls– You’ve had chocolate in bowls, it is time to have bowl made of chocolate.
    Dip a balloon in melted chocolate and place it in the freezer. Take the balloon out, deflate it and separate it from the chocolate for a perfect chocolate bowl.

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  • Pair food and wine– If you end up eating cheese with every wine bottle you open, here is a little guide to help you turn into the perfect wine connoisseur.

Shared Apartments in Gurgaon

  • Keeping ice cream soft– It will no longer take you a hammer to break through that container of ice cream in your freezer. Store your ice cream in a ziplock bag and find it soft and creamy every time you pull it out.

Shared Apartments in Gurgaon

  • Arrange your food in a circle for even heating– If re-heated food is a regular part of your diet then this hack’s for you.
    Instead of putting your food in a large bowl which causes disproportionate heating, arrange your food in a circle for a more balanced heat distribution.

Shared Apartments in Gurgaon

With these easy and relevant food hacks you are ready to take the first step towards a convenient and enjoyable interaction with your food. Find the best shared apartments in Gurgaon, Delhi or Noida at CoHo and flaunt your new found food skills.


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3 thoughts on “Easy Everyday Food Hacks!

  1. Well…This was quite an interesting read..I was not aware of most of the things mentioned here…Specially onions under water..

  2. one trick i use is preparing frozen cubes by making the cubes out of the same beverage that i am drinking. so for coffee, its frozen coffee cubes. That way your drink stays cold and it does not get watered down after melting.

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