DU – Not everything you hear is true

So, a little birdie told us all about your struggle with your 12th standard books, the sleepless nights and all that jazz. Well, from the looks of it – it paid off alright. You finally made it through your board exams with flying colors and a result to be proud of!

(Of course Sharma Jee ka beta again managed to top his exams but your scores were good enough, too. Chin up, kiddo!)

Getting admission in Delhi University is probably one of the best things that can happen to any Indian kid, and we all know it. Not only is it deemed as one of the best educational institutions of our country but it also has the reputation for providing one with possibly the best college life and even better memories! With all the hype generated by its impossibly high cut-offs and strict admission policies, DU has carved a niche of its own over the years. But, as with every other tale that gets spread by the word of mouth – the fairytale of DU also has its fair share set of misconceptions and misinformed beliefs. And, if you happen to be one of the lucky fucchas of this esteemed university, here are few pointers to soften the blow of the inevitable reality check that will follow, with time.

  1. Top Placements

Yep! You heard it right. Sorry to burst your bubble, my darling ducklings, but not everyone gets the proverbial rainbow at the end of the storm. Your chances of landing that perfect job may have increased tenfold with a degree from DU, but it in no way guarantees you, a dream job.

The name surely gives you a head start in the game, but you still have to deal with all the stress and running around, like the rest of us mortals. Most kids walk into their college campus, expecting to have their dream career served on a silver platter at the end of their final year. But, that really isn’t the case. You have to work your ass off throughout the various semesters, internals, and manage attendance as well as a plethora of other terms and conditions, if you wish to have any kind of hope for your future.

The courses offered in DU are backed by exceptional faculty and the best in class facilities. You will be exposed to a host of social events and internships with the most influential companies and organizations. It will also lead up to a very attractive CV, which will eventually help you land that perfect job.

But, these events and internships require constant labour, dedication, and hard work on your part. So, you see – all those success stories you heard about work hard to score as high as you possibly can? Yeah, well – there’s a lot of hard work, sleepless nights and extremely difficult choices that have gone behind them.

Regardless of what KJo will have us believe, the university is life is not all fun and games – it’s a lot of hard work. So, brace yourselves for the rocky ride that is going to be your college life! 


  1. The nightlife of your dreams.

So, you’ve already started daydreaming about all the fun you’re going to have while you prowl all the clubs after sneaking out of your hostel for a fun night out with friends? Well, well – looks like someone’s been watching way too many movies. Yes, it’s true – hostel life is full of amazing memories, midnight snacks and a lot of curfew-breaking night outs. But, for most part you’re going to end up struggling to get all your friends to agree, and then the right plan to sneak out and that perfect place (i.e. the cheapest one) will need to come together all at once. Not as easy, as it looked in that movie, is it?

Your weekends would mostly constitute of sad chores like washing clothes, finishing assignments, and a multitude of other mundane activities. And by the time evening arrives – you will be too tired to do anything but sleep blissfully through the night.

Also, with your unbelievably limited budget, night-outs are – more often than not – limited to sneaking beer bottles into your room and having a good time with your friends, sitting in your PJs, and just having a good time. This is no way means that you won’t be making memories. It just means that the over-hyped and glamorized nightlife doesn’t exactly pan out in the way that you would imagine.


  1. World Class Infrastructure

Okay, let’s get this one straight – those bright, shiny pictures you find in the various catalogues are a lie. Most of the DU colleges are old as time, and despite constant monitoring, the condition of most of the classrooms keeps getting worse. You are going to walk into the premises, getting undoubtedly bedazzled by the grandeur of the building and the greenery surrounding it.But, with the passage of time, you will find yourself dreading those god-awful monsoon days and harsh weather.

Storms will have you praying for your safety and trying to avoid those leaky spots throughout the campus building. Needless to say, those picture perfect classrooms and those world-class campus buildings are off the table. But then again, these old buildings have been the host to more than a few decades of history and legacy.

You cannot beat the pride and joy of being a DU alumna with the fancy buildings and the modern amenities offered by many private colleges. Thus, even though you might have to say goodbye to your dreams of a modern campus building – in return you will be becoming a part of an unforgettable legacy and one of the most esteemed institutions of our nations.


  1. Easy to find accommodation

You might have all your bags packed, fully ready to move out of your parents’ place to start a new life of freedom, living in a hostel. But, hold your horses, my dear kids. Getting a hostel seat in DU, is even harder than getting into DU in the first place.

You will have a hard time getting the documentation just right, and even then there’s a whole period where you’re just counting on the waiting list to come out. You will find yourself running around, trying to meet deadlines, and producing the right documents – all of this within a limited period of time. Thus, finding the right place to stay is going to be quite an uphill battle!

But, don’t worry – here to make your life a lot easier is CoHo!

Timings, safety, and other concerns tend to mess with the wishes of our childish souls. Don’t wallow about your stay during these brilliant academic years, our young readers. We come bearing good news. CoHo understands the predicament you might be in when you’re stuck looking for an affordable, homely and luxurious accommodation.

You don’t have to look too far, little one. We promise you your best university life and comfortable beds along with the security of a home. Pack your bags and let us help you adjust to this colorful world called university life.

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DU - Not everything you hear is true
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DU - Not everything you hear is true
So, a little birdie told us all about your struggle with your 12th standard books, the sleepless nights and all that jazz. Well, from the looks of it - it paid off alright. You finally made it through your board exams with flying colors and a result to be proud of!
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