DU Hostel Admissions – The A to Z of it all

Getting into that dream college might be a tough nut to crack but the race to secure a hostel seat is no less of a fight. Running around trying to fill out a gazillion forms, figuring out the best college for your preferred course and then securing a place in the same – the struggle is real, as they say. But as with all the apparently messed up things in life, this, too has a silver lining. The three years of midnight assignments, crazy fests, lifelong friends to be made, and the infinite amount of knowledge to be gained no doubt make these the best years of your life! And the icing on the cake is the much discussed hostel life!

Hostel life is considered to be the best part of one’s college life and for good reason! From learning to survive on your own and cherishing the independence that comes with it to enjoying late night society sessions and midnight maggi cravings – hostel life always promises to surprise! People form lifelong bonds with their hostel mates and end up making unforgettable memories during their stay. Hostels also give you a chance to be a part of various cultural activities, helping you grow as a person. DU colleges are one of the most sought-after institutes in India and if you have somehow found a way to make it through the unbelievably high cut-offs, then congratulations! So now all you need is a hostel…

But getting a hostel room in a DU college can be pretty complicated, if you are not aware of the rules associated. We are here to help you find your way through the maze of formalities with some basic guidelines for hostel admissions in DU.

The most important thing to be aware of is that not all colleges in DU offer hostel facilities. An estimated 17 DU colleges offer on-campus hostel facilities, while  19 off-campus colleges offer them.

Hostel seats, much like every other wonderful thing in life come with that annoying asterix of “terms and conditions applied.” The first being that only non-resident Delhi kids are eligible for a hostel seat. Sorry all you Delhi folks, there’s no escaping your mom’s angry glares and consistent phone calls to get back home on time, for the duration of your college life.

Hostel seats are further subject to your marksheet and the availability of rooms – first come, first serve is how it works. Also, to make things worse (or better, who knows) – your hostel seat is further dependent on the way you perform throughout your college years.

Confused? Fear not, because here we are to rescue you!

To break it down further, here’s a cumulative step-by-step process to ace that hostel seat.




The first step is a separate hostel form application along with the college application form. Often available at the counter itself, some colleges also offer online forms which need to be filled up and submitted in the form of a hard copy. All the forms usually come with a pre-set deadline by the respective colleges, which needs to be strictly adhered to. You will have to submit your hostel form, along with other required documents at the college counter itself.



This is followed by the announcement of the admission list which contains the name of all the students who have secured a place in the hostel, which only happens after you have secured a place in a department of that particular college. The announcement is usually made in the form of a list of students who have successfully secured a seat, along with the waiting list, available both on the college website and the college premises. Following this, the selected students are expected to submit various documents like medical certificates and payments dues, along with the credentials of their local guardians. Some colleges even conduct personal interviews involving the student, parents, and the local guardians. Since every college has its own process for admission, it is advisable to go through the prospectus carefully to get all the details.


Your Job Made Easy



To make your life just a tad bit easier, we have curated a consolidated list of all the hostel admission websites which you can use to monitor the announcement of the hostel merit list. To complete the process successfully, it would be advisable to keep checking these websites often:

SRCC – Girls’ hostel
SRCC – Boys’ hostel
Kirori Mal College
St. Stephen’s
SGTB Khalsa College: For Girls’
Miranda House
Ramjas College
Hindu college: For girls
Hindu college: For boys
Hansraj college
Daulat Ram college
Sri Venkateshwara College: For Boys’ hostel
Lady Shri Ram College
IP College for women
Deen Dayal Upaydhaya College
Maharaja Agrasen College (for Girls)
Keshav Mahavidyalaya
Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women

Hostel Charges


When it comes to charging the students, most of the hostels in DU have a varied fee structure. This is usually subject to the discretion of the individual college and can fall anywhere between INR 8,700 (Daulat Ram College for Women) to INR 32,435 (Ramjas College). An anomaly is clearly evident in the basic structure across all colleges. Nevertheless, the basic breakdown structure is usually the same which generically includes room rent and utility charges. The fee also usually includes annual charges, furniture, and fixtures along with other maintenance charges. The additional factors that may weigh include visitor’s room charges, medical provisional charges along with the charges incurred due to utensils and other crockery equipments. Thus, before applying for any of the hostels, it is indeed important to take a proper look at the fee structure.

The proverbial last resort

Couldn’t even make it to the waiting list? Your first day in college is fast approaching and the walls seem to be caving in? Take a deep breath and relax. No one ever said it was going to be easy, but it really doesn’t need to be this hard. Hostel life, as exciting as it sounds, comes with its own problems and limitations. Settling in often takes time and, in the beginning, there are a million little things to take care of. PGs are the second most popular choice of residence for students across.



With a plethora of PGs available around and near DU, it’s an easy fix for your off-campus residence woes but if congested rooms, strict curfew times and dealing with possible annoying strangers sounds too much of a hassle, worry not! We have a much better solution for all your needs. Here to make your life a whole lot easier are CoHo dorms and villas, available for students and working professionals at affordable prices. From fully furnished apartments to high-end services like health care, recreational spaces, housekeeping, and maintenance, the CoHo community could very well turn into the family that helps you take that first step into adulting!

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DU Hostel Admissions - The A to Z of it all
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DU Hostel Admissions - The A to Z of it all
Getting into that dream college might be a tough nut to crack but the race to secure a hostel seat is no less of a fight. Running around trying to fill out a gazillion forms, figuring out the best college for your preferred course and then securing a place in the same - the struggle is real, as they say.
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