5 Things DU Students Are Saying After The Cut-off

5 things DU students are saying after the first cut-off... (1)

So, the cut-off is out and by now, you must have been very well-acquainted with the top notch degree of competition for that one seat in DU. While some of you must have been lucky to grab a seat in your favorite colleges and in the courses that you were dreaming of, the others might have had to compromise on the college or course, or both!

Amid this satisfied lot, there are a bunch of faces, who couldn’t get through the first list at all. Well, this surely isn’t the end of the world, as more DU cut-offs are on their way, however, the reaction that bursts out from this bunch is nothing, but hilarious.

Let’s trace some of the best reactions that one gives, or could give if the cut-off was just surreal for the real world!

1. Kya BAKWAS Hai Ye!: The last time we saw 99.9% was the percentage of bacteria that Lifebuoy and Dettol kill. However, this score is not just restricted to our television sets but has made its place in the scoresheets too.

While some colleges gave out a cut-off of almost 100%, the reaction to this is rather shocking and the aspirants are left with just one question,”ITNE NUMBER AATE KISKE HAIN Bhai!!?”

Kya bakwas hai ye 2

2. Ek number se Reh gaya Yaar: The proverb “muh tak aaya par pet mein nahin gaya” is what this reaction is all about. Missing the cut-off by 10 marks would not have the impact as great as missing out on it by just one mark!

This surely leaves the students aspiring to be a part of DU for a timely disappointment, but the hope to get through in the next cut-off also refills the sense of enthusiasm in them, once again. And the reaction then, from “Ek number se reh gaya yaar”, changes to, “But koi nahin, agli mein toh pakka aa jayega!”

 Ek number se reh gaya

3. Wasn’t my stream of interest anyway:Mummy ke Bhatinda wale Chachaji ki Beti padti hai DU mein, usi ki wajah se form bhar diya tha!”. The best dose to overcome that disappointment is, blaming it on the relatives!

Showing that your interest was never in DU and somebody made you fill the form on the gun point, is always the best idea. We often find the relatives being more inquisitive about our results than we are, why not use this for personal motivation?

wasn't my mainstream

4. DU ka mahaul bohot kharab hai!: This stereotypical reaction never goes out of fashion. Delhi has been making news for its happening lifestyle and not everyone takes that in graciously.

If one doesn’t get through the college that he/she wanted, we often see the role-reversal and find the students talking like their parents. We see them humming how DU girls smoke, how unsafe the capital is, how the colleges favor Delhites and so on.

du ka mahol kharab hota h

5. Chalo AMITY!!: While there are some optimist souls who wait for the next cut-offs to be released, there are some, who gloriously leave all the hopes and make way to the private universities.

While the regret of not being able to get into DU persists, they stick to the decision of moving on and accepting the lifestyle of these colleges. After all, moving on and acceptance are hard choices, no?

amity chalte hai

 If the first two cut-offs were not your lucky chance, there is more to come. All you need to do is, be hopeful, optimistic, and alert and wait for your magic moment. For those who sailed through the hardship of getting admission and grabbed a seat in the first cut-off itself, save yourself from the tiresome task of finding a home.

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Found more interesting reactions than these? Share them in the comments below and give us all a dose of laughter.


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5 Things DU Students Are Saying After The Cut-off Release
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5 Things DU Students Are Saying After The Cut-off Release
So, the first two cut-offs are out and by now, you must have been very well-acquainted with the top notch degree of competition for that one seat in DU. While some of you...
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