Facts about Delhi University Colleges We Bet You Didn’t Know

Delhi University colleges equate awesomeness! It’s a whole different world after all: a kaleidoscope of different cultures, ideologies and people. That one mysterious land where hundreds of discourses, interests, and dreams unite. Delhi University is home to the coolest crowd and it works in the DU student’s favour that endless heavenly hangouts around campus come in all shapes and sizes, along with exciting societies for everyone, the best of student fests, and a beyond brilliant faculty.

Well, the charm of Delhi University doesn’t end there.

All the constituent Delhi University colleges that were founded in different locations in north Delhi are collectively termed North Campus, such as Ramjas college, Hindu College, Hansraj College, Miranda House, IP college, etc. The most convenient way to reach north campus is via the yellow line – Vishwavidyalaya metro station.

As for south campus – names like Lady Shri Ram college, Gargi college, KMC, etc. shine brightly under the Delhi University name with metro stations in Green Park, Malviya Nagar and Lajpat Nagar helping you navigate your way to campus.

 “People dream of a life at Delhi University. Delhiites know there is something special about the brand name and life at the campus. Rest as they say is history and it speaks volumes.”

Parul Wadhwa, The Masquerade

History has it, the colleges here have always been the talk of the town because of being as daunting as they are. We dug up our old history books and chanced upon some facts we bet you didn’t know:

Every great story has a humble beginning –  In 1922, when Delhi University was established, there were just 3 colleges, 2 faculties, and 750 students. The university is now a proud institute with 77 colleges, 86 departments, 16 faculties and over 4 lakh students. Bravo, DU!


The grandeur of the Ridge The famous North Campus Ridge might be a cool hangout or a lovers’ point to you but what you might not know is that it has some interesting stories to tell. The Flagstaff Tower in the Northern Ridge, which might look like just another building, is where the revolt of 1857 culminated.

The Ridge also has the Ashokan Pillar which was moved from Meerut to Delhi by Firoz Shah Tughlaq in 1356. And did you know that Khooni Jheel was named so because the lake’s water had remained blood red for a couple of days due to the bloodshed during the 1857 revolt? Talk about gore!


IP College – Beyond heritage and beauty – The college is famous for its beautiful campus but surprisingly, it is way beyond important in the history. It is the oldest girls’ college around, and the women who went to IP College during partition helped people take refuge, eat, drink and pass the area safely during those tumultuous times. Talk about women power, yeah?


Vice-Regal Lodge – In times of Love and War – Well, Lord Mountbatten proposed his wife Edwina for marriage at the Vice-Regal Lodge: the now office of the Vice Chancellor (teach em’ how it’s done!) And, how many of you knew that Bhagat Singh was held captive for a day in the same building?


Re-innovating education with Cluster innovation centre – Delhi University has always broken the traditional norms as long as the students get to benefit from them. Cluster Innovation Centre is one of those one-of-a-kind attempts by DElhi University to catalyze educational norms. Here students can opt for B.Tech in humanities and can also get to be a part of not just one college, but various colleges each semester. Pretty cool, right?


A lot happens over coffee – The coffee house behind the VC’s office was the lone jaunt for the North Campus students. Also an active hub for politicians back then, it is said that students and teachers would gather around here and organize tutorial classes. Moving past the hackneyed teacher-student relationship,  HELL YES!


Once a haunted place – Delhi university campus was once infamous as a haunted place. The area was built near a cemetery and people wouldn’t dare to go there late in the evening.  


Well, now that you know how amazing your college is, you wouldn’t want to miss out on even one minute of the vivid experiences it has to offer. All these stories and memories can be lived better when you know you can almost live there the entire day and isn’t that the ultimate college dream? Fret not, with the help of Coho.in, you can shortlist luxurious homes right next to your college and experience your college 24X7! More reasons to flaunt your eternal love affair with Delhi University now with these amazing facts in mind, and a strong community that Coho.in brings to you!

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Facts about Delhi University Colleges We Bet You Didn't Know
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Facts about Delhi University Colleges We Bet You Didn't Know
Delhi University is home to a rich history. It's that one mysterious land with a rich history and cool facts where hundreds of discourses, interests, and dreams unite.

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