Don’t just exist but enjoy living!

Well, all of us have that one desire to have our own dream house. We picture it right before our eyes since the day we start earning or sometimes even before then. But things take time to build.

For the meantime we comfort ourselves in the small joys of living.  We teach ourselves the art of patience and to be happy by making the best out of least.

We have our budget constraints and wishfully we hope and strive to get the most out of it. But most of the time our resources are exhausted in brokerage fees and the hassles that surmount the maintenance of rental homes.

We crib, we curse, and in the end make compromises to live in the not so comfortable surroundings during our happening youth, wishing for that day to arrive when we have enough to spend on the luxuries we have been dreaming all our lives.

What if there is no waiting anymore, what if we tell you that better living is right here within your reach at affordable prices.

CoHo Stayz is one unique initiative that is striving to achieve this very goal by providing the most comfortable homes with hassle free stay to give you your best memories of experiential living.

Tailor made for young professionals, these state of art spacious air conditioned rooms with classy decors provides you with amenities like high speed internet, outstanding housekeeping service, 100% power backup and everything you have ever imagined for a better living. CoHo stands by one rule, don’t just exist but start living!

The concept behind CoHo is simple yet innovative. Apart from covering all the basic needs of day to day living, it most importantly gives you the feel of your very own home.

Distinguishing features like Large Screen Television, Play Station, Pool Table, Foosball Table, and much more add to the grandeur of living at CoHo.

By ensuring regular Laundry services, RO and Geyser provisions, and regular maintenance and cleanliness, CoHo takes care of all the hygiene related things which you worry about.

When you sweat yourselves all day at work, you deserve a rejuvenating aura to surround you when you return back. CoHo ensures that you get it literally at your doorstep.

And of course the most important thing that we all crave for and that is undoubtedly our lifeline – food – is at the top of the list that CoHo ensures you get.

Healthy wholesome breakfast, RO purified water, on demand dinner & lunch, fridge, cooking stove & cylinder, microwave, etc. You name the thing and CoHo has it all!

So while you sit there reading this article, shed some light upon the prospects of booking one CoHo Flat in Gurgaon, Delhi or Noida for yourselves to experience living in the most wonderful way.


CoHo provides you with quality homes, community and hassle-free experience, so that you don't just exist but start living!

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5 thoughts on “Don’t just exist but enjoy living!

  1. Never came across such an unique concept before…This not only lets you live your life smoothly but it also allows you to live your hassle free..Also after a hard day work everyone needs some one to talk to,…So getting a social life after your office hours let you to mingle properly..

  2. CoHo is indeed a unique concept. Concept of co living is still unexplored in India. It is great that professional companies are coming up in this market as it will definitely reduce the involvement of brokers.
    After a tiring day at office, if someone is managing all my hassles ..then I would definitely try CoHo.

  3. They say that simplicity is the hardest skill to master. you can build complex thing easily to do some work but constructing the simplest of machines for that same task which can be utilized by everyone is very very tough. This is what COHO has done. they have simplified all the aspects of living in a shared accommodation wherein thy handle all of the critical aspects of acquiring and maintaining an accommodation.

  4. True!! think out of the box. enjoy every moment. dont settle for something average when you can get the best.

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