Did you Just Forget to Pack Your Mom’s Love?

School days are over and it’s time for you to leave home and begin a new life. That’s how you’re thrown into the world of adults. Suddenly, it’s time for the little kid inside you to man up and take big decisions for your future. Oh wait… didn’t that kid inside you think that being an adult was too much fun? Let’s face it, that’s the biggest lie that you’ve been telling yourself all your childhood. Let’s have a look at how it really is.


The first thing that happens when you’re supposed to choose a career for yourself is that anxiety and sleeplessness hold your hand real tight. You start spending your days and nights glued in front of the computer screen looking up for courses and colleges that are best suitable for you. The next thing is – never ending discussions with your family members that leave you with no solutions but more anxiety. Let’s accept it, all this pressure is too much for young minds like us, who were only excited to grow up without knowing the cons of it.

From dancing to singing to film making, we aspire to do all sorts of things. However, this tough time passes soon and most of us are able to figure out what we need to do. Then comes the next most important step towards adulthood – leaving home. The mere thought might just leave you quaking in your boots and yet give you chills of excitement. It is like the most ambivalent feeling you’ll ever experience.


When you’re finally done convincing yourself that you cannot sleep on your comfortable bed all your life, it’s time for you to pack your bags. To begin with, you need to start making a list of things that you need to carry along, starting from clothes to groceries to the things you love, let’s say your favorite books or the soft toy you can’t sleep without. Oh wait… did we just say it’s time to leave home? Where would you live then? That’s exactly what your next step is going to be – looking for a new home.


Let’s face it, most of us are so excited to leave home that we start believing that we can adjust in any situation whatsoever. However, the sad truth is, that does not happen. If you shift in some place random, without having a good look at the availability of your daily needs, your initial days in that place are definitely going to be miserable.


In the early days, it might be difficult to realize the importance of waking up in your kind of place, but the effects of it start reflecting in your day to day activities. Be it reaching your new college on time or trying to concentrate on what you’re asked to do, you start messing up everything. To be honest, that’s the last thing that you are supposed to be doing when you have entered a new place of learning. Therefore, it’s important for you to find a good place to live in.


The next question is, how do we do it?

How about, making another list?

This one comprises of all the things that you would want in your perfect house where you can have a gala time with your friends. It could be things like – a perfect king size bed, a huge mirror in your bed room for you to admire yourself while you try to perfectly fit in your new clothes on your first day to college, or a small kitchen to satisfy your overnight cravings while you watch your favorite movies, lying on your couch. Basically, it should have everything that keeps you from missing home.


However, there is one thing that can never be replaced – food from your mom’s kitchen. We know it makes you sad, but what if we tell you that we have a solution for this too?

How about a refreshing cup of tea to make you feel like home?

We’re sure that just like every other Indian, you too love the scent of your favorite chai, be it anytime of the day. For kids like us (soon to be adults), tea can be a really good companion. Be it a wake up call, early in the morning when you have to rush for college or just a simple refreshment or when you’re too lazy to get out of bed to complete your daily assignments. Although, tea is not always just a wake up call, it can be a lot more than that. It can be a loving companion to our everyday habits like binge watching movies, reading, writing or simply sitting in the balcony having a good look at the rain.


Other than this, the one thing that’s most difficult to handle when we leave home is our health problems. To be honest, we all hate to spend money on medicines, and cut down on our favorite fast food. Here comes the role of tea again.  Have you ever thought of what a cup of green tea or black tea or masala chai can do for you? We’re sure that most of you would say no. Well then, let us tell you some interesting facts about your home made tea. It is something that keeps you healthy by boosting up your immunity power and making your metabolism faster. Wondering how would all of this help you? Well, in simple words, you don’t have to cut down on carbs and avoid eating junk if you consume just one simple cup tea every day.


Moving ahead, it’s not just about cutting on carbs. You might catch cold, fever or flu, and would definitely hate to spend money again since your pockets are mostly empty, be it a weekday or a weekend. So, what’s the solution?  

How about making yourself a cup of Masala chai to give your sore throat some relief?  YES… it’s that simple.

Brace yourself because it’s not over yet.

Another good thing about having a pack of tea at home is that it’s pretty easy to make. When you have to leave home in a hurry or when you come back tired, tea can be a really good companion to your 2 minutes Maggie or some other quick snack.


After reading all this with your eyes wide open we hope that the next time you start packing up your bags to shift in some place new, you won’t forget to pack your mother’s love in the form of those aromatic tea leaves.


Jai Rai

A happy go lucky guy.

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