Delhi University Entrance Based Courses Guide 101

With its gazillion courses and well-established departments spanning across courses, Delhi University is often recognized as a safe haven for students wishing to excel in their field of choice. Known for its academic and research superiority in India, DU witnesses students from all the world drop their inhibitions to prepare day in and day out for that seat. A particular section of that crowd tends to be braver than the rest – kids who take entrances.
There are, at present, 12 courses under Delhi University that demand you to take an entrance exam. In addition to your merit-based admission; naturally, scoring decently well in the entrance exam and making the cut off is what ensures your seat at DU. The applications for which begin around mid-may and close, as per this year’s timeline, around the 7th of June. students are supposed to apply for the same using the Delhi University portal for admissions. (


We bring to you a makeshift, easy to grasp guide to all these courses – make yourself acquainted with what the course demands, eligibility and the way to go about it.

  1. B.A Business Economics (Honours)

If you’re all mentally prepared for the corporate world, you have got to focus on the skills and the knowledge it takes to climb up the capitalist ladder. A bachelor’s in Business Economics is one that promises the same, with dense theoretically oriented lectures and facilitation of analytical skills, consider this course a stepping stone to a Masters in Business Administration or Economics. Given your interest, you could opt for specialisation in finance, economics, quantitative techniques, marketing and project management, and entrepreneurship.

To get through the first wave of admissions, you need to secure a total aggregate of 60%, a percentage that covers all four subjects. The entrance exam has 100 questions in all, with each correct answer bagging you 4 marks and each wrong one a negative 1, leaving a question unattempted gets you zero marks.

When you sit down to fill the form, you are required to state an order of preference in terms of which colleges you would like to pursue the course from under Delhi University. If not all, it is necessary to state one preference at least to get done with the form. Once you are re done with the submission and the payment of fee, you cannot undo or redo your preference list.

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  1. Bachelor of Management Studies

Offered and delivered by the the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Humanities, Bachelor of management studies is one course that has managed to knock out three of Delhi University’s courses. Bachelor of Business Studies, Bachelor of Business Economics, and Bachelor of Financial and Investment Analysis have all been scraped and BMS has been accepted as a course by the faculty.

To secure a seat in this particular course, you need to sit for the entrance and score 60% in all four subjects to qualify for admissions. A rank will be computed on the basis of your score by combining the weighted average of your percentage score in the All India Joint Entrance Test and what you score in the qualifying exam. Weightage of your assessments are: Entrance Test: 65%, Qualifying Examination: 35%.

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  1. Bachelor of Business Administration (Financial Investment Analysis)

A three-year, full-time course, BBA at Delhi University requires you to clear an objective entrance exam to make it through. The course is considered a professional degree that is covered in a span of 6 semesters.

The entrance exam consists Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) that will measure the aptitude of students, and the duration of the entrance is two hours. All the different areas that you need to prepare for the entrance exam are: Quantitative Ability, Reasoning and Analytical Ability, General English, and Business and General Awareness.

Note: Mathematics is a mandatory prerequisite to gain entry into the course. Only students whose best of four results have maths as a course are eligible to be considered.

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  1. B.Tech. (Information Technology and Mathematical Innovations)

This four-year engineering course is offered by The Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi. To clear the qualifying criteria, the requirements remain the same. Mathematics is compulsory since it is an engineering course, following which the best of four aggregate needs to be at least 60%.

The Entrance test is for two hours in duration. The areas assessed in the exam broadly cover Mathematics, reasoning and analytical abilities at the high school boards level. The entrance is a Multiple Choice Question, objective exam consisting of 100 questions. You bag +4 for each correct answer and -1 for every incorrect one.

Note: Mathematics is a mandatory prerequisite to gain entry into the course. Only students whose best of four results have maths as a course are eligible to be considered.

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  1. Bachelor of Elementary Education

For this education course, the pattern for the entrance test remains the same. However, it covers aspects from social sciences more dominantly than those of the sciences. It will be a multiple choice questions, objective exam that you need to finish in 2 hours. The subjects covered are: English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science and Social science up to class 10th level. The test, also, is bilingual in nature, as per the questions – both English and Hindi.

You will have to score an aggregate of 50% in the qualifying exam, and 50% in individual courses as well. You may choose your four subjects from the two lists mandated by the university: List I (one subject) and List II(three subjects.)

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                              6. Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, Health Education and Sports (B.Sc.[PE,HE&S])

A course focussed on physical fitness and knowledge, this one is a bit tricky with its requirements. You must score an aggregate of 45% marks in the qualifying examination; following the same list based criteria- one language and three subjects. But an entry into the course will be determined on the basis of a combined score covering physical fitness, score in entrance test, and sports proficiency. The weights are: Entrance test- 50%; Physical Fitness Test- 20% and Sports Proficiency- 30%.

To secure a seat, it is mandatory for all applicants to appear for the complete process.

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                              7.  B.A. (Honours) Multimedia and Mass Communication

One of the rather famous courses offered by Indraprastha College for Women, it is self-financed and requires the applicant to clear the qualifying exam to be considered eligible.

Unlike other qualifying courses, this course requires an aggregate of 75% in the best four subjects and to prove proficiency in English, the score needs to be 85%, at least, in the subject.

The entrance test covers General Awareness, Media Awareness, Current Affairs, English Comprehension and Grammatical and Analytical Skills.

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8. Faculty of Music and Fine Arts

The Faculty of Music and Fine Arts offers students a bachelor’s degree with honours in the following:

  • Hindustani Music-Vocal/Instrumental (Sitar/Sarod/Guitar/Violin/Santoor)
  • Karnatak Music-Vocal/Instrumental (Veena/ Violin)
  • Percussion Music (Tabla/Pakhawaj)

To secure admission into any of the courses mentioned above, you need to show your Madonna skills practically as an entrance requirement. As a prerequisite, you ought to have cleared and scored 45% of more in your qualifying, with music as a course. If that is not available, you must have some certificate to claim that you have been taught music in the last three years by a recognised academy.

When you are on your way to Delhi University for the practical examination, make sure you have a copy of the online registration form and all original documents (mark-sheets, degrees etc.)


Note: 5% of the total number of seats in each of these courses is reserved for the children/widows/wives of officers and men of the Armed forces.

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  1. Five-Year Integrated Programme in Journalism in Delhi School of Journalism

The integrated course offers its students two viable options: quitting after 3 years with a bachelors in hand, or after 5 with a master’s.

To qualify for the course, you need that achievable aggregate of 50% marks in the qualifying examination, in all five subjects and an entrance test of two hours. The entrance test covers:
GK, Media Awareness, Current Affairs, English Comprehension Grammatical and Analytical Skills, Logical Reasoning and Basic Mathematics Skills.

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  1. BA. Honours in Humanities and Social Sciences  

Offered by the known Cluster Innovation Centre that rests in the lovable North Campus, it is one of the coolest courses under DU.

The criteria remains pretty much the same; an aggregate score of 60% in the qualifying exam in four subjects and an entrance test. The entrance lasts 2 hours and covers questions from General Awareness, Current Affairs, General Knowledge, Communication skills (English/Hindi), Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability at the high school level.

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Delhi University entrance based courses Guide 101
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Delhi University entrance based courses Guide 101
With its gazillion courses and well-established departments spanning across courses, Delhi University is often recognised as a safe haven for students wishing to excel in their field of choice.
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