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Remember when summer vacations in school meant two months of doing nothing? Well, welcome to college when the break is a chance to fetch coffee, work on projects no one wants and basically, feel like a headless chicken.

Internships are probably the most important column on your CV as they are your only ‘real-world’ experience. Life in college goes by fast, very fast.

One moment you are the fuccha finding your way and the next you are sitting in front of a panel telling/asking/begging them for an internship.

If I asked you to to write your achievements, will you be able to fill a single page? And mastering the art of cooking maggi in 20 different ways does not count. Fortunately for you, we are here with a few hacks to help you conquer the dreaded CV.



  • Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to show you care about issues outside the class, and recruiters are looking for people who are socially aware. Volunteering at NGOs is a particularly rewarding experience.

Check out organisations like the Indian Cancer Society, Friendicoes, Teach for India, which are some of the more popular choices. All DU colleges have NSS (National Service Scheme) which can be your gateway to finding a good NGO to volunteer for.



  • Join societies

This is an obvious one, yet so many underestimate the importance of a club or society on their CV. Organisations are looking for people with well rounded personalities who have hobbies and talents beyond the classroom.

Joining college societies is a great way to explore your hidden talents while keeping up with the classwork. It also builds teamwork and makes you a good multi-tasker. The fact that people in societies are popular is just a desirable by-product.



  • Take initiative

If your college does not have a society that you want to join or have an interest in, then start your own! Initiate programs or clubs that are aligned with your interests and become a trailblazer.

With most people opting to be members of clubs, your CV will stand out when it has the word Founder in it. It can be something small, just as long as you show that you can build something from the ground up.



  • Certification Courses

Everyone in your course has gone through the same curriculum, and all of you have the same specialization. So what is so special about you? Lo and behold, the magic of certification courses.

They are short, add skills, and show that you are prepared to go beyond the brief. You can choose from scary sounding Six Sigma certification to poetry appreciation certificate courses.

Many colleges like John Hopkins University, Stanford, Cornell also provide online courses and if all fails, trust online platform Coursera to help you out.



  • Summer School

Want to study more? Summer School is a great way to add to your knowledge base and get exposure at the same time. It allows you to condense the basics of a course into a shorter time frame.

Institutions like London School of Economics and National University, Singapore are hot favourites among DU students. Every college has a summer school program and have partnerships with colleges abroad.

The only downside is that they tend to be expensive and with little provision for a scholarship.



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