A Date With History – Janpath Road


One of the irreplaceable gems in the capital city, Janpath dates back to pre colonial times – maintaining its stature as the people’s path till date. The road runs north to south, from Connaught Place to Rajpath, right adjacent to the biggest names in the fashion industry: Palika Bazaar!

Historically known as the Queen’s Way, Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens is responsible for this contemporary architecture and design. Ever since its inception, it has held its ground as one of the most visited and adored tourist destinations in this old city of Delhi. Essentially famous for its boutique stores and upholding its place as one of the best shopping arenas in the city, Janpath’s design by Lutyens’ sure seemed to work!

If you’re one who loves to dance to the tunes of history and the charming culture of this country that sets tourists on the first flight to Delhi, you’re going to love Janpath road as it facilitates your secret rendezvous with the very heart of Delhi. Forget about Zara and quit fretting about the alienation that comes with malls – we’re Delhiites and we’re all about the flea market! And if you’ve forgotten about why Janpath is the love of our shoppers’ genes, we’re here to remind you why you need to go back to your childhood memories:


Janpath Market

Stretching beyond 1.5 kilometers, you’ve got to walk the walk from the famous Outer Circle in Connaught Place to reach to the market. The market is known for beating the millennials desire for malls with its exquisite variety of handlooms and jewelry. One of the oldest and first markets in New Delhi, prepare to drop your showroom fetish for this beauty! And fun fact, guys: you can trace some of the boutiques back to 1950. Let’s agree, that’s almost ancient.

The grandeur of the Pashmina is known to the ends of this world and beyond, one of the most exceptional cloth material on the globe – guess where that Kashmiri wonder is sold in all its originality? Yep, Janpath! The incomparable Pashmina Shawl can be found in Janpath with a guarantee, you cannot replace that with your mall faux. Not just the shawl but Kashmiri wool and scarves have managed to seep into the markets of Delhi, and janpath is the one place that is known to not sell duplicates. Ask your Delhi University student companions, they know!

From Indian Kurtis, Churidars, brass ornaments, carpets, artefacts and other souvenirs and gift items, it is a great stress buster if nothing else to walk in those alleys with beautiful jewelry on both sides.

In between of Fire Lane and Imperial Hotel you will find the Tibetan Market that in itself is a wonder no less than any other heritage market in Delhi. Famous for its himalayan arts and crafts, wall hangings, tibetan jewelry, handlooms, musical instruments – phew, let’s just say there is a lot for one to be captivated by! Walk a few steps and right behind Tibetan Market, on Tolstoy Marg,  you will find the Jantar Mantar – a splendid astrological instrument which deserves a visit by everyone at least once,. Trust us, if you truly want to make a day out of it – find your way to the National Museum in the South of Rajpath and spend your time wandering in the spirit of history!



Janpath’s ideal location allows it to be easily connected to other parts of New Delhi – South, Central and North. The Metro allows for people from all over North and South Delhi to inundate the market even on weekdays. One can easily shop at Janpath and go on to visit Old Delhi for a tryst with Delhi’s true culture. Daryaganj, Delhi Gate, Red Fort, Chandni Chowk and Kashmere Gate are all in easily accessible and add on to a wholesome experience! Pro tip: Once you’re done testing out flavours and spices of old Delhi, drag yourselves with those shopping bags to North Delhi. It’d be a shame to not visit the haven of Delhi University North Campus students – Hudson Lane!

Why Delhi Loves Flea Markets

1. Ittars

There is something undeniably attractive about being one with the fragrances of the past! As soon as you step into the market area, you’ll be confronted by a tiny store in a corner with a gazillion different scents sending you into a trance! Add some spice to your life with those magical ittars that regular customers and tourists swear by. The fragrances have carved their way into the streets of Delhi from Kannauj in Up, that’s as royal as it gets, guys. You can get them for as a cheap as 200 bucks at Arihant Fragrance.


2. Books and Jewelry

You can easily get classy imitation jewelry in all styles for as low as 50 rupees, from earrings to necklaces – they’ve got it all. Delhi University students, especially, make the target crowd for this market. For their everyday casual jewelry, you’ll find women flooding the little stalls for their best fit!

As for books, one favourite spot amongst students is Bargain Book Centre, the likes of which have students crawling from the streets attracted to the smell of yellow pages and old books! You can get classics and fiction for at cheap prices, even 10 rupees! And if you’d take our suggestion and love old book shops, visit the Janpath Bhawan and you’ll find elongated sections devoted to different genres, dating back years and years!


3. Beautiful souvenirs in Leather


From leather bags to cases, backpacks for college and handbags, beautifully crafted wallets to laptop sleeves, you’ll find it all! These souvenirs remain as a favourite pick amongst students and tourists alike, for they can can be kept as a reminder of one of the best crafts in India. And guess what? You even get piggy banks made of leather! How adorable is that?! You can get these souvenirs all over the market at around 300 rupees.

4.Handloom Genius

You can almost sense the creativity and patience that goes into the making of handlooms sold in Janpath. Curtains to rugs, dress material to kurtis, one can find everything beautiful that isn’t just aesthetically pleasing but crafted to perfection for use. For people who are into fusion wear and contemporary desi styles, you’ve got to go to Janpath and just follow our Delhi University girls, they’ll lead you to the best of shops! Wonderfully embroidered cotton to handicrafts, one can pretty much fall in love with the artistry of this country!

5. It’s all About Clothes And Food

Once you visit janpath, you’ll hear all over from regular customers about a brilliant man called Nitin Bhaiya. This person is famous all over Delhi for a stock of beautifully stitched Kurti designs and designs from the culturally rich states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The beautiful prints come in all sort of vibrant colours, leaving you practically baffled by the different shades and variety of designs. You’ll find his little corner right behind the Handloom House.

Now coming to the most important element of any marketplace. Janpath Road can beat Connaught Place when it comes to age old outlets of good food and snacks. People swear by the flavours of Depaul’s – a snack corner found behind the main market crowded by youngsters at all times! Do check out the shakes and coffee that keeps people coming back every year!

If you want to try the Delhi spicy speciality- check out the Chaat Corner. Your taste buds will thank you for it, believe us! Prince Chaat Corner is one especially known for his Chaat and Gol Gappe. -Drools-


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A Date With History - Janpath Road
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A Date With History - Janpath Road
One of the irreplaceable gems in the capital city, Janpath dates back to pre colonial times - maintaining its stature as the people’s path till date.
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