CoHo Living: A Truly Blissful Experience!

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Living at CoHo can be one of the best decisions you will ever make in life. Coliving offers a residential experience quite unmatched by any of the traditional housing options. Independent houses offer spatial freedom and immense autonomy but for the modern day professional, they bring more responsibility than a regular office going individual can accommodate in his/her schedule.

Traditional modes of habitation like flat sharing and paying guest accommodation are kinder on the wallet and allow a distribution of household responsibilities but force roommates to engage on every plane of discussion regarding the house.

This invariably causes an infringement of private spaces and conflicts regarding division of household responsibilities. Coliving satisfies the needs of the time that it emerges in and addresses all the above problems of age old housing possibilities.

In CoHo the only aspect of the living arrangement shared among the residents is the residential structure.

Individual and communal spaces are pre-assigned to allow sufficient and uncomplicated spatial divisions. CoHo requires you to arrive with nothing but objects of basic personal necessities as the entire house is furnished with everything that you would require in your dream house.

House-keeping, repairs and all the other aspects of everyday life that can bring a crease to your forehead are already taken care of making the house as comfortable as possible.

When all the hassle is taken care of, you can look forward to sharing a more congenial relationship with the ones around.

Cooperative living is also tailor made for a certain strata of the society consisting of young working professional.

It uncomplicates matters when one comes home to people who are from a similar age group and have similar requirements from the living space. Most CoHo residents live away from home and after a hard day’s work want to unwind, relax and enjoy.

Instead of coming back to an empty house and refrigerated food, CoHo residents arrive to a lively recreational unit and like minded people to eat with.

CoHo is also strategically positioned at a convenient distance from the market place allowing easy access to public modes of transportation as well as shopping sites.

CoHo living is an avant garde mode of residence pushing the boundaries of traditional living to accommodate the needs of the time. It will prove to be a truly enjoyable experience for those who decide to make the move. So cheers to #betterliving! Find the best flats with roommates in Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi with


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4 thoughts on “CoHo Living: A Truly Blissful Experience!

  1. Living with CoHo has been my best experience till date…After a hard day work when you get back you get people to talk to and also play some games which is a major stress buster…Ice gets easily broken with others and social life after office develops inside the house rather than going outside…

  2. I had no idea when i would be able to share living space with others after my hostel days. That Experience was truly amazing for me. the tales, the adventures it was all lovely. COHO offers these same experiences minus the hassles of actually being able to deal with the little nuisances (according to bachelors) that otherwise are a pain.

  3. co living is really a good means to socialise. I mean especially after a long days work, I feel relaxed when i meet my friends and we play snooker at CoHo. a much needed feeling.

  4. Rightly said, Co-living is not heavy on your pocket and you have your personal space as well. After a hard day at work no one is in a mood to do household chores, CoHo provides such hassle free living experience.

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