CoHo and BigBasket just made co-living easier

The grocery giant BigBasket, recently introduced BB Instant, India’s first unmanned cashless smart Store. This July, CoHo has joined hands with BigBasket to facilitate the Snack ATMs in CoHo properties for the residents. Bigbasket’s BB Instant is a must-try shopping experience that ensures the fulfilment of your basic needs 24×7. The vending machines are operated by a mobile application, BB Instant. With the help of this seamless technology, the user can check the availability of an item sitting in his/her room and can fulfil the cravings at any time of the day while making the payments online. The app provides exclusive offers on each item and most importantly saves a lot of time.

As a resident, he/she spends around 12-14 hrs in a co-living space. These hours definitely provide scope for more such availabilities and thus more collaborations. CoHo team is on the way to implement more such projects and make co-living much easier and more fun for the residents than it is.


CoHo provides you with quality homes, community and hassle-free experience, so that you don't just exist but start living!

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